+ Tuesday May 21st, 2019

Tablets, Laptops and Chrome

HTC announce preview program to provide feedback on software & hardware before it’s widely released – open to Australians too

HTC hasn’t had the greatest of years, but they are still in there fighting and Australians love an underdog. Today the HTC US team has taken part in a reddit AMA in which they’ve announced a new preview program which will invite selected users to provide feedback on software & …

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Panasonic has a couple of new, rugged-as-hell Android devices

Most of us have fairly comfortable lives and relatively ‘normal’ jobs, behind a desk or in other equally safe and somewhat boring environments. Some, though, work in more extreme environments, where the latest glass-front-and-back smartphone wouldn’t last five minutes, especially in tougher industrial conditions where even a rugged smartphone case …

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Project Tango Competition winners announced – limited 50% discount to be offered on Tango Dev Kit

Google’s Project Tango, their 3D modelling and scanning technology has been in development over the last couple of years, but is beginning to gain more traction with new hardware announced from both Qualcomm and Intel. With the maturing platform gaining traction, there’s of course more call for software and Google …

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