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Android Auto rolling out OTA update for BMW owners worldwide

As previously confirmed BMW finally acquiesced to their users and agreed to roll out Android Auto to their vehicles, for free even. However, to get the update previously you needed to go into a...

Android Auto is now officially coming to BMW, wireless only

A couple of weeks ago we speculated and inferred from certain comments from the BMW Australia CEO that Android Auto was about to land at BMW. It seems this inference was correct but...

Google’s Android Auto possibly set to finally arrive at BMW

None of the staff at Ausdroid are really in danger of getting a BMW if we're honest, but if we were most of us would have boycotted their cars as they had been refusing...

The latest Google Spotlight Story is ‘Visionary’ a walkthrough of the BMW Vision Next...

Car maker BMW has launched a new video on YouTube called 'Visionary' powered by Google Spotlight Stories technology to show off their latest innovations in a vehicle called Vision Next 100. The Vision Next...

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