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Is this the upcoming Limited Edition Star Wars OnePlus 5T?

A couple of weeks ago some "evidence" was found suggesting that OnePlus would be releasing a Limited Edition Star Wars OnePlus 5T. For those of us who like to believe every rumour regarding...

OnePlus 5T Star Wars Limited Edition rumoured to be in the works

In under 24 hours OnePlus will take to the stage in New York and announce the OnePlus 5T. The details and specs of the phone are hardly a secret with it spilling out...

Google and Disney Australia release Disney Book Ears, enhanced storytelling with Google Cloud Speech...

Reading to your children is one of life most basic pleasures and that experience has gone mostly unchanged, unless you're reading to your children from a tablet. Disney and Google have partnered together to...

Waze adds ‘Star Wars’ promotion material with C-3PO voice navigation

With Google adding Star Wars promotional content on several its services and it seems this has extended to animations and overlays on their crowd-sourced navigation app Waze. Waze has joined in with the Star...

Disney & Google announce interactive Google Cardboard experience to co-incide with the opening of...

It seems there has definitely been an awakening - and it’s coming from Google, Lucas Film and Disney. In the past 24 hours we've seen announcements regarding Star Wars theming for a range of...

Choose your side and Awaken the force within

Just when you think Google have done some really cool stuff in the past, they go and deliver one of their biggest geekouts yet. In partnership with Lucasfilm and Disney, you can (on...

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