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PSA: You have 3 weeks left of free Google storage

With every Google account, you get a small amount of free storage available. For many users that is more than enough to last them for quite some time. But if you're using...

Don’t want to pay for Google storage? There are other options, but you’ll...

The decision from Google to start counting the majority of your stored data towards your Google Drive storage limit has caused something of an outcry from users. But why the outcry? Have we become too...

Dropbox Bringing Offline Folders For Dropbox Pro Users

In a bid to remain relevant in the mobile world, Dropbox have announced mobile offline folders for Dropbox Pro, Business and Enterprise users. With Microsoft and Google already offering offline folders that sync when...

You can now work on Adobe Acrobat files directly from Dropbox on mobile

Adobe and Dropbox have today announced a new level of integration, with Adobe Acrobat for Android now able to edit PDFs stored in Dropbox. The function was brought to desktops, as well as iOS last...

Dropbox says goodbye to Mailbox and Carousel

Mailbox was initially conceived as an extension of the Dropbox way of thinking, to simplify the way that people work together. By putting together their own take on email workflow and offering a deeper integration...

Dropbox introduces file requests feature to collect photos, documents or whatever

Cloud service provider Dropbox has listened to consumer demand and today introduces its new 'file requests' feature to allow you to collect photos, documents and more from your friends, family and coworkers. Anyone with...

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