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Google’s got something up it’s sleeve for GDC next week; probably a game streaming service

We’ve been hearing about Google’s about-to-launch Project Yeti for quite a while now, but it seems the company is finally ready to tip its hand next week at next week’s Game Developer Conference. Google’s tease for GDC takes the form of a video set in generic, vaguely gaming-related environments (garage, …

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Australian healthcare provider Feros Care integrates Google Assistant to bring clients easy self-service voice commands

Australian not-for-profit health care provider Feros Care announced an Australian-first integration with the Google Assistant to provide customers with access to self-management service options via a voice interface. The announcement was detailed this morning at Google Australia’s Wellbeing Breakfast by the company’s CIO Glenn Payne. Payne explained how Feros Care …

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Continued Conversations rolling out to all Google Assistant Smart Displays, even in Australia

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of both Google Assistant and Google’s Smart Displays here at Ausdroid, and as such any time the Assistant ecosystem reaches feature parity with itself it’s a cause for celebration. This week Google is finally rolling out their ‘Continued Conversations’ feature to all Assistant …

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Google’s new AI platform Coral is aimed at building intelligent devices

Google has launched a new local AI platform that helps developers building intelligent devices, called Coral. Coral offers speedy local on-device neural network performance and increased privacy. It’s designed to help developers grow their ideas from prototype through to production. The Coral Dev Board can be integrated into be hardware …

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Smart Compose in Gmail is now available to all Android smartphones

Smart Compose in Gmail is basically predictive text taken to the next level. Unlike your keyboard, though, which predicts one word at a time, Gmail’s Smart Compose can predict whole sentences. The feature examines what you’re writing, and guesses the intent behind your communication. Smart Compose attempts to understand what …

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