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Wireless Android Auto is the solution to the cables in the car mess, just...

It is nearly two years since we saw our first wireless Android Auto head unit at CES and we all thought it would be everywhere by now. Unfortunately it is not, but as we...

Android Auto set to bring new features to us soon

It has been a few big months for Android Auto given that we have seen a whole new interface roll out which most users agree is a big step in the right direction. ...

Kenwood DDX9018DABS review: Android Auto on a HD display

Android Auto is something that some of us have but many of us wish we had. Some car manufacturers have gotten onboard with Android Auto (and Apple Carplay) realising that it is actually beneficial...

Wireless Android Auto has some major compatibility issues

When wireless Android Auto finally arrived at CES this year we (well I was) were all excited about cutting the cords, no longer having a reliance on the USB cable being compatible with the...

Android Auto makes a big leap at CES 2018

It is coming up to 4 years since Android Auto was first announced at Google I/O, with the app released nearly a year later. Since then, the platform has seen a very slow uptake...

Android Auto is going wireless at CES with new Kenwood head units

Since it was launched back in 2014, Android Auto has been a pretty great addition for cars. Having to plug your phone in though has been a personal pet peeve of Scott, our resident...

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