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LYNQ – A next level charging station

We've seen a number of desktop charging stations at Ausdroid starting with the Alldock and Fishbone. Both had their own strengths and weaknesses, on the surface LYNQ have learned from this and delivered...

Kickstarter: Meet the FireFlies wire-free Bluetooth earbuds for under $100USD

We're often cautious before discussing Kickstarter projects, however, every so often we come across something that we think we should share. The FireFlies wire-free Bluetooth earbuds are one such project. What are FireFlies? They are...

LiteWire – A dual charging cable on Kickstarter

There's a lot of stuff on Kickstarter, a lot of it probably shouldn't have gone much past "I've got this idea - hold my beer while I draw you a picture" but this is...

ZNAPS triples Kickstarter goal in days with magsafe style adaptor for phones

Even if you're not a Macbook user, you may well be familiar with the Magsafe adaptors that Apple uses on them. The link between your laptop and the charger is (as the name suggests)...

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