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Innovative neobank 86 400 acquired by NAB, reducing banking competition

Robert Bell CEO of digital only neobank 86 400 has announced to customers that they're "joining the NAB family", which means they've been bought out by NAB. 86 400 was launched as a new digital...

National Australia Bank brings Google Pay to its customers after a long, long wait

National Australia Bank have now made Google Pay available to their customers, becoming the last of the Australian Big 4 banks to do so, and joining a long list of banks that have already...

Amazon Alexa Skills – what skills are available here in Australia

Amazon Alexa has finally launched in Australia this week, with consumers now able to purchase Amazon’s Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Plus either through the internet shopping giant directly or through local bricks and...

Are you a NAB customer with no NFC in your phone? Grab a PayTag...

Except for iPhones, you can find NFC elements in just about every Android phone these days, but certainly not all. Some older phones don't have NFC (or Near Field Communications), and even some modern...

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