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OnePlus is now selling the One without an invite and has discounted accessories for...

Black Friday hasn't quite made it to Australia, though we can benefit from the US based sales which offer discounts on leading electronics. While OnePlus aren't offering a discount on their flagship phone the...

Oneplus unofficially gets Lollipop

In a surprise to no one, the Oneplus has an Unofficial Build of Lollipop that has appeared on XDA Developers. According to the thread, the ROM is actually built from CM12 source and...

Oneplus pre-orders: Round 2

After a frustrating first attempt at pre-orders, followed by an apology, as well as a promise of a do-over on pre-orders, Oneplus are set to open the flood gates and accept pre-orders once again....

Oneplus OTA Update: WiFi, Artifacts and reboot issues fixed

Those of us that got an invite and bit the bullet on the Oneplus haven't been disappointed with the hardware, but the software has been a late Beta at best until the last update...

Oneplus sales figures revealed

Since the Oneplus was release there has been hype about the device. People literally paying for invites, others waiting for weeks and months; hoping... that their number will be called next. Then the...

Ausdroid Podcast 126 – Nexus absentia

Welcome to episode 126 of the Ausdroid podcast! There's palpable disappointment in the air this week as Australia has completely missed out on the Nexus 6 launch, and none of us are very happy about...

OnePlus issues an apology and schedules another hour long pre-order window

After the hour long pre-order frenzy that hit the OnePlus in the early hours of Tuesday morning was over, there were more than a few dissatisfied customers who missed out. While the results of...

OnePlus opened up pre-orders for an hour last night – Did you order one?

After nearly 5 full months of selling their phone using a much derided invite-only system, OnePlus accepted pre-orders for their phone last night - for an hour. Beginning at 2am AEDT, customers who have...

OnePlus to open Pre-orders for the One on October 27th with no invite required

The OnePlus is still quite hard to get a hold of for those Android fans wanting to get a high-end phone at a low-end price. Last month OnePlus announced they would open up pre-orders...

OnePlus and JBL Team Up Again

When OnePlus designed and built the OnePlus One they teamed up with well renowned audio company JBL to fine tune the speakers in the phone. Today OnePlus have announced another partnership between the...

OnePlus teaming up with JBL for an announcement tomorrow

OnePlus is slowly building out their range of accessories, recently launching a new set of earphones, but that may not be the end of it. The company who also recently abandoned plans to release...

OnePlus will open limited pre-orders for the One

OnePlus has been under fire since they launched their first phone- the One, due to their one of a kind (for a phone) system of ordering which requires you to scrounge for an invite...

Get a OnePlus One 16GB 4G LTE for under $400 without an invite

Online store Camera Paradise based in Hong Kong have the OnePlus One 16GB for $398 including shipping. According to their website this is the CyanogenMod 11S version and not the Color OS version that other...

Ausdroid Podcast 120 – the Motocast

Welcome to episode 120 of the Ausdroid podcast! We've all been randomly unavailable for the last few weeks, but the podcast is finally back this week - and what a week to come back! With...

OnePlus One Screen Touch Issues With Fix On The Way

Four weeks ago I reviewed the OnePlus One mostly favourably. One of the issues I had with the phone was an apparent inability to distinguish between two taps at close intervals to each...

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