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Moto Mods – Polaroid Insta-share Printer available for $249

Announced late 2017, the Polaroid Insta-Share printer is one of the newest moto mods available in Australia. It'll work with any Moto Z-series handset, including the Moto Z2 Play we've got knocking around the...

Turn your Moto Z into a printer with the Polaroid Moto Mod now available...

Instant photo printing is coming back, at least for Motorola Moto Z owners with the Polaroid branded instant printer Moto mod announced last year, now available to buy in Australia for $249. The mod uses...

Motorola’s latest Moto Mod is a Polaroid instant printer

After leaking last month, the Polaroid branded instant printer Moto Mod has today been made official. The Polaroid Insta-Share Printer lets you print photos from your Moto Z series phone instantly using Polaroid's Premium Zero-Ink...

Retailer Round-up: This weeks specials

Seeming as we haven't brought you a retailer round-up in quite a while, I thought it might be appropriate timing to at least try and bring this back cause there are a few specials...

Myer offering the Polaroid Socialmatic camera for $499

Its been a while since we reported or even saw the Polaroid Socialmatic camera, but it appears the camera has just launched in Australia with Myer listing the all-in-one digital Polaroid in their Fathers...

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