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Samsung has a new Burgundy Red coloured Galaxy S8 coming out in Korea and to other ‘select’ markets

Samsung has announced a new colour variant of their phenomenally successful Galaxy S8 handset, with a new Burgundy Red coloured Galaxy S8 coming out in Korea and to other ‘select’ markets. It’s pretty commonplace for new colour variants of mobile phones to be released mid-cycle in order to refresh interest …

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8″ now available in Wi-Fi and 4G models from Australian retailers and carriers

Samsung Australia has today announced that the Galaxy Tab A 8″ is now available to purchase in Australia, with both Wi-Fi and 4G models available. The tablet is a versatile, well-sized unit suitable for the entire family with a refined look and metallic body with rounded edges that’s comfortable to …

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Vodafone is rolling out WiFi calling to customers with compatible smartphones, including Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 range

Vodafone has a surprise announcement this afternoon, telling customers in an email that Vodafone WiFi Calling is coming, starting progressively with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 range, and coming to Galaxy S8 and Apple iPhones soon. At home or at work, we all know places where mobile reception isn’t too great, and …

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Advent of Smartphone 2x Optical Zoom Will Speed Up Tailspin Decline of Compact Camera Sales

It’s a hard time being a traditional digital camera manufacturer as total sales of standalone digital cameras (SLR, Mirrorless and Compact) continue to dive. The recent launch of flagship smartphones with 2x optical zoom like the Samsung Note 8 will only accelerate this trend. The graph below was created by photographer …

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