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Don’t blame Sonos, think about realistic support standards

There have been headlines lately about a number of tech companies, broken hardware and the associated social media rage. Some of it born of frustration with inadvertently broken hardware such as the preview program...

Sonos set to disable software updates for legacy devices

Sonos have made a very difficult decision to draw a line in the sand and end support for some older products. On a support page update, the company has outlined what is happening,...

Frenemies: Sonos are suing Google in relation to smart speaker patents

According to the New York Times speaker manufacturer Sonos are suing Google over the apparent theft of technology resulting from a 2013 collaboration between Google and Sonos around Google Play Music. Sonos is claiming...

Spotify free accounts can now be used on Amazon Echo speakers

Following closely behind Sonos offering use of free Spotify accounts, Amazon Echo speakers now share the same functionality. This is a big shot in the arm for current Echo speaker users as well...

Sonos Move WiFi / Bluetooth capable Sonos speaker arrives at IFA 2019

After leaking comprehensively last month, Sonos has finally revealed the Sonos Move WiFi / Bluetooth speaker ahead of IFA at a beautiful event at Bridge Studios in Berlin. Sonos is a brand that's known for...

Introducing the Sonos Move… we think

Sonos is possibly the biggest name in audio streaming. The brand has been around longer than most of the competitors, offers excellent sound at a price that represents investment but also good value. A...

Sonos might be bringing a portable Bluetooth speaker to IFA this year

Sonos are one of the better-known brands of speakers around and it seems that they are expanding the functionality of their speakers this year. They have always streamed music using Wi-Fi but never...

IKEA ❤ Sonos: Symfonisk comes to Australia in September, starting at just $149

We're big fans of Sonos at Ausdroid, and so we've been anxiously awaiting the launch of their collaboration with IKEA, known by the typically-IKEA name of Symfonisk. IKEA Australia is officially ready to take...

Sonos brings the Google Assistant to Australia for their One and Beam speakers

It's taken a while, but Sonos has finally released the Google Assistant for their smart speakers (Sonos One and Sonos Beam for those of you playing at home) in Australia. Sonos has published a post...

Google announces the official launch of Assistant integration on Sonos speakers

It's here, the day long promised to Sonos users by Google and Sonos alike, official support for the Google Assistant. Users with a Sonos One or Sonos Beam will have direct access to the...

Sonos is finally ready to say hello to the Google Assistant

After a few false starts and missed deadlines, Sonos finally appears to be ready to roll out Google Assistant on their smart speakers. Shipping initially with Amazon's Alexa voice assistant, Sonos One and Sonos Beam...

Sonos and Ikea go all-in on versatile, space saving home audio

Here’s a novel approach to home audio from Sonos and Ikea, they’re making other home items into speakers. By other items I mean a lamp and bookshelf and no I’m not kidding, this is...

Sonos’ new Amp launches in Australia, available now at $999

Sonos officially launched its new Amp in Australia yesterday, letting you wire up your whole house with super powerful, high quality Sonos audio. The new Amp is more compact and, Sonos says, twice as powerful...

Sonos One (Gen 2) is making its way to the market

Sonos has announced a "Generation 2" revision to its Sonos One hardware, a little over a year old. The new hardware brings a faster processor, more memory, and support for Bluetooth Low Energy. The company...

Sonos drop new hardware so you can drop the beats throughout your home

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that we love our tunes at Ausdroid, and many of us have invested significant amounts of money in Sonos hardware as a result. Sonos overnight dropped some...

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