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Sonos adds Plex functionality to its control center

Sonos is arguably the biggest name in home streaming speakers and they're not relying on their good name to keep them there, continually adding new functionality to their speakers and the latest update adds...

Sonos Play:5 — Review

It was only a couple of months ago that Sonos introduced the Play:5 as the newest member of their speaker family and being somewhat into music, audio equipment and generally enjoying good sound I...

Phil’s highlights of 2015

OK, so who stole 2015? We only started this one a few weeks ago didn’t we? Or maybe it has just been another ridiculously busy year with a heap to do, not enough time...

Sonos Play:5 — First Impressions

I had a double dose of excitement this week; installation of NBN to my house and the delivery of the Sonos Play:5 unit for review. The timing of the Sonos delivery...

Sonos PLAY:5 available November 25

Its fair to say that Sonos are the original and at the pointy end of the pack when it comes to music streaming devices in your home. The quality of their speakers is...

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