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Spotify adds a sleep timer function to its Android app

It's not a sexy new feature or brand new UI overhaul, but a sleep timer on Spotify is a welcome quality of life feature. If you like to fall asleep to music playing from...

Google and Spotify offering free Google Home Mini to Spotify family accounts

Anyone who uses streaming music regularly will be familiar with the big players who are all working to give themselves an advantage over the others. Spotify has found a way by teaming up with...

Spotify look to ban users who use ad blockers

There's a huge number of users on Spotify who use only the free accounts because they essentially get what they want from a streaming service without paying for it. The biggest problem for...

With Spotify’s recent aquisitions, there’s huge benefits for podcasters everywhere

In case you’ve been living under a rock - you’ve likely seen the massive news that Spotify has acquired podcast production company Gimlet Media for a reported $230 Million USD and their surprise acquisition...

Spotify enters the podcast major league, acquiring Gimlet and Anchor

Spotify has announced that it has acquired two major podcast companies. It has acquired Gimlet Media Inc and Anchor, the company leading the market for podcast creation, publishing, and income generation services. Financial terms...

Chill out with, and remix, Paramount Pictures Australia’s Bumblebee Beats playlist on Spotify

The new Bumblebee movie is about to hit cinemas this Thursday, and Paramount Pictures Australia has released a Bumblebee Beats playlist featuring a huge number of hits from the 80s to get you in...

If you share a Spotify Family account with friends, enjoy it while it lasts…

If you're among the many users who are sharing a $17.99 a month Spotify Family account with friends to save a few bucks, it seems the free ride may be running out. Spiegel online...

Spotify Free accounts can now be controlled with voice commands on Google Home

Google Home supports a limited number of streaming music options and until now only supported Spotify premium accounts. Tonight Google has added Spotify Free to the streaming services supporting voice control on Google...

Optus giving away three months Spotify Premium trial subscription

In the past yearOptus have been very proactive when it comes to music and media streaming. Last year they offered data-free streaming from selected music services which was received very well from their...

Spotify has updated its Android app to feature bottom-bar navigation

If you're a Spotify user, and an Android user, then you might have noticed something different. The navigation bar, which once appeared up the top of the app, now appears down the bottom. Gone...

New users can trial 3 months of Spotify Premium for just 99c

If you're looking at your music streaming options, then Spotify has a great deal for new users looking to trial their premium service offering 3-months of service for just 99c. As a streaming service, Spotify...

Spotify making nice with Twitter users who criticised lack of Chromecast support

A few waves were made earlier this month when Google announced that Spotify was finally coming to Chromecast, and the company is now taking to Twitter to make up with those who griped about...

Spotify continues to build on functionality

Arguably the biggest name in music streaming worldwide, Spotify has introduced some changes to their latest version of the Android app which allows easier navigation, searching and queue management. In fact it reminds me...

Spotify arrives on Android Wear

Spotify has announced that its app will be made available on Android Wear smartwatches through an update expected next month. Spotify have confirmed that users will be able to browse and play music on the...

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