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All Swiftkey Themes Are Now Free

There are approximately one bazillion keyboards available for Android users on Google Play. For many there is just one that stands apart from all the rest, SwiftKey. Just two days ago we reported how...

SwiftKey’s latest update makes it even more awesome, clipboards, shortcuts and incognito mode for...

Just like launcher apps, most people have their favourite keyboard app on Android. Some just use the OEM one, others swear by Google Keyboard, and they're allowed to be wrong, because as I'm sure...

SwiftKey Beta gets an update – brings text expansion shortcuts, incognito mode, and all...

SwiftKey has brought out a big update to its Beta users which brings a number of big things, such as incognito mode so you type away private things without it remembering, along with support...

SwiftKey bug showed some users other peoples e-mail addresses

In a blog post late yesterday, SwiftKey confirmed what some of you have been telling us about. Some users of SwiftKey's popular keyboard replacement app were seeing unfamiliar predictions popping up, including other people's e-mail...

SwifyKey release their latest keyboard app, Swiftmoji

Popular keyboard replacement developer SwiftKey has just released their latest app since being acquired by Microsoft in February, Swiftmoji. If you didn't guess it, Swiftmoji is an Emoji first keyboard. What's that you...

Microsoft Hub Keyboard brings app sharing content to Android

Microsoft Garage has launched a new keyboard replacement app for Android called Hub Keyboard, which seems to expand on the stock Android keyboard in a few several ways and offers quick access to data...

SwiftKey 6.0 leaves beta, bringing new themes, better emoji and more

Android has had custom keyboards for a really long time now, and for good reason; stock keyboards weren't often the best experience. SwiftKey is without doubt one of the more popular keyboard replacements, and...

Swiftkey updates keyboard with new theme and hub access

Amidst the announcements from Google I/O yesterday, leading keyboard developer Swiftkey announced an update for the keyboard, bringing updates from their beta track to the stable release. Announced back in April, the latest update brings...

Swiftkey Greenhouse lab releases a new launcher – Meet Hexy Launcher

We were introduced to Swiftkey's new experimental arm - Greenhouse - last month with the launch of the lighter weight Clarity Keyboard. It seems that Swiftkey is looking to move beyond the keyboard though,...

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