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What’s happening in September..

There's quite a bit that's meant to be happening in September, although most of it needs to be taken with a grain of salt. I hope some of the stuff in this post will...

Sony Ericsson AU planning to update X10 Series to Android 2.1 around September-October

If you currently own an Xperia X10, X10 Mini or X10 Mini Pro, you'll be happy to know that Sony Ericsson Australia has not forgotten you just yet. After reaching out to SE AU...

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro available now from Telstra – $49 Cap or $649

Telstra have recently, and quietly, added the X10 Mini Pro to their growing arsenal of Android Devices. The X10 Mini Pro, which is the smaller brother of the Xperia X10 which is already available...

Just to clear up some confusion about the HTC Wildfire on Telstra..

It appears there is some confusing about pricing, availability & colouring of the HTC Wildfire that is currently available on Telstra. And fair enough, it has been pretty confusing for some, so in this...

HTC Wildfire goes on sale from tomorrow

A quick reminder, the HTC Wildfire will go on sale tomorrow at Life and Fone Zone stores for $349 outright on Telstra Prepaid or $0 on the $49 'NextG' cap over 24 months. The...

Telstra may launch their Galaxy S with Android 2.2 and a different look

As you may (or may not) know, Samsung has created a few variations of the Galaxy S mainly for the US Carriers (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile & Verizon), although if the news coming from Smarthouse...

Telstra might launch the Samsung Galaxy 5 I5500 in October

Time to grind away in the 'Rumour Mill'. I've received word that Telstra might be launching the Galaxy 5 I5500 in October. For those unsure about the device here are a few specs: 2.8" TFT...

Optus might be getting the HTC Aria – could rename it HTC Liberty

The very trustworthy folk over at Techanist have just reported that Optus are looking at getting the HTC Aria, which we think could possibly be renamed to the HTC Liberty (it's codename) at the...

HTC Wildfire to be the first Android prepaid smartphone on Telstra — $349 outright

PC Authority is reporting that Telstra will be releasing the HTC Wildfire as a prepaid phone, which is a first for Telstra. Another first for Telstra is good pricing, asking for only $349 per...

LG Optimus set to hit VHA & Virgin

Techanist is reporting that both VHA (Voda+Three) and Virgin will be launching the LG Optimus on $19 caps, with stock expected to hit stores later this week. That's $30 less than Telstra, and dead...

What’s to come in August

This month will (hopefully) bring some new Android devices to Aus, as well as some already available ones heading to new carriers. In this post I'll attempt to cover all known and rumoured upcoming...

Telstra HTC Desire packaging suggests Super LCD display

We've said for a while that Telstra would be soon using Super LCD displays in the Desire, and then HTC confirmed they'd be manufacturing them. Now more good news, a source from Telstra has...

HTC Desire vs. Samsung Galaxy S

The HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S are the two best Android Devices out on the market at the moment, so we decided to put them up against each other to give you an...

VHA to stock Samsung Galaxy S early next month

It's not like this news is out of the blue, since it was in the roadmap we were told about. But none the less it's great to have a timing of release. One of...

Could Telstra get HTC Desire’s with Super LCD Displays?

As we reported not all that long ago, Telstra is having troubles retaining the HTC Desire due to lack of AMOLED Displays that go into it. But that could all change, and quite quickly....

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