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LG Optimus to hit Optus shelves on July 23rd – $30 cheaper than Telstra

So only hours ago did I post a review on the LG Optimus, now news has arisen thanks to our friends at Techanist, that it will be available through Optus from the July 23rd,...

LG Optimus — Review

The start of July saw the launch of the LG Optimus exclusively on Telstra, and now we've finally had the chance to have some hands on time with it. Despite previous "ill mannered" comments...

Telstra announces HTC Wildfire

Well this comes as no surprise as we've been onto this since the start, but Telstra has now made it official. They will be releasing the HTC Wildfire in August, although no pricing has...

HTC Wildfire for Telstra rumours confirmed?

UPDATE: The site has been locked down, funny timing hey? We still got our screenshot, Telstra. ;) I received a tip off from one of our readers this morning, of a website he stumbled up...

Telstra to add Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro to its Android range in August

This morning Telstra announced they will be adding the X10 Mini Pro to their Android line up in early August. Hopefully they don't take over the device with their useless bloatware. No pricing has...

Telstra HTC Desire stock becoming scarce

After some of the discussion going on in the Ausdroid Forums, we've found that getting hands on the HTC Desire from Telstra is becoming harder & harder by the day. Furthermore I've received word...

Telstra drops HTC Desire down to $49 – Gets competitive

It's not everyday you see 'Telstra' and 'Competitive' in the one sentence, but times are beginning to change it seems. Telstra have lowered the HTC Desire down to the extremely competitive price of $49/mo...

Telstra launching the LG Optimus, 1st of July

If you're not a fan of cheap, stupid, resistive touchscreens, stop reading now! Now for everyone that loves a cheap Android phone with a screen that will ruin your experience, you're going to love the...

HTC Wildfire headed to Telstra?

Now take this one with a grain of salt, but it comes from a source that has been pretty spot on in the past. The source claims to have multiple leaked official ROMs for the...

Xperia X10 getting Android 2.1 in Q3 — MediaScape & TimeScape update in Q4

Sony Ericsson have said on multiple occasions that the Xperia X10 would be getting an update, then they finally said it would come in Q4. Now they're saying that it will be here in...

Review: Generic HTC Desire ROM on Telstra Desire

So you own a HTC Desire from Telstra and you want to remove those, dare I say, stupid BigPond applications? Well I have the answer for the Android/Tech savvy, Root your Desire! Now, let's...

Telstra Desire Social Review is over — Good times were had

So the Social Review is over, reviewers have spilled their guts about the phone & now Telstra has to deal with it! ;) I myself thought it was a great experience, and it was a...

HTC Desire ‘Social Review’ — Day #12

In this post -- that will be stuck to the first page -- will be my thoughts on the HTC Desire I won through the Telstra 'Social Review' competition. These thoughts are mine,...

Telstra’s HTC Desire — Q&A / Requests

So a few people have contacted me for some extra stuff they want to know about the Telstra HTC Desire, so thank you to those guys for writing it. If you have anything you...

Comparison: Xperia X10 – Desire – Nexus One

I have a few tests to go through with each of the devices (Xperia X10, Nexus One, HTC Desire), then you can come to your own conclusions to which is better overall. I'll throw...

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