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I got caught out with ongoing subscriptions: You could be burning money and not...

So, it’s confession time: I recently did a bit of a deep dive into some of the recurring subscriptions I have and, to say I was surprised is an understatement. Hundreds of dollars...

Todoist’s integration with Google Assistant gets a refresh

There are a lot of task management apps available in the current era. In total honesty, they really do mostly the same things and it comes as a matter of preference in which you...

Todoist brings Kanban style boards to increase project functionality

There are a lot of users around who have a lot on their plate, the use of a task manager is almost essential. Todoist is just one of those options, now with better...

Wunderlist approaches its final days, here’s a few alternatives

Back in December we learned that Wunderlist was going to sunset in favour of Microsoft’s To Do app. As that time comes rapidly closer, there is likely to be some refugees looking for...

Todoist Foundations is being delivered to all users

A few weeks back we got our first look at Todoist Foundations in the public beta. Now we get our first look at the final polished product as it rolls out to users. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=VhsIJzSGu_M Todoist's blog...

Todoist Foundations: The Beta to make your to do list better!

Todoist is one of many task management options out there, but it is our weapon of choice at Ausdroid. It has functions that mean you can share lists, assisgn tasks to individuals and schedule...

Todoist (finally) adds dark mode – and more – in latest update

It seems Dark Mode is so hot right now, with popular task management app Todoist has (finally) added dark mode to their mobile app and web presence this morning, bringing a more comfortable view...

Todoist update notifications to make collaboration easier

It's no secret that we use and like Todoist here at Ausdroid (it's one of the things I write about regularly), but sometimes it can be a bit hard to know what others are...

Todoist now supports real-time Google Calendar integration

Todoist is one of the leading productivity tools on the market for tracking your to do items and they do it well. There's a massive amount of functionality to streamline processes and increase...

Google Assistant Added To IFTTT And Recipes Galore Appear Already

The are few things at this stage that Google Assistant can actually interact with. This is a major limitation in Google's grand plans to expand their AI and move it to the next level...

Todoist update brings new features for Android N

There's a lot of productivity apps out there including time tracking and management, collaboration tools and task list managers such as Todoist. We've been using Todoist at Ausdroid for some time now, even...

Keep track of Olympic events with Todoist

Todoist is one of the most fully functional to do productivity tools available, not only for Android users but as a cross platform option and for those of you who want to keep close...

Todoist update bring a new focus on teamwork

Todoist is one of the most comprehensive and integrated task list platforms available. In their latest update the platform is placing a clearer focus on teamwork, its no longer just a task list for...

Todoist blog: suggesting ways to be more productive

We don't hide the fact that we use Todoist at Ausdroid; it helps us work productively as a team despite our geographic separation and frankly, we like it. There's a lot to like...

Todoist Android Update brings smarter quick add features

Todoist is a fantastic tool; it's a truly cross-platform option for your productivity with Mac, PC, Android, Android Wear, iOS, Chromebook and multiple plugin options for web browsers. It's used heavily within Ausdroid for...

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