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Weekend Warrior: World of Tanks now available on Steam

PC gaming is a wonderful escape, whether you're into simple games, FPS, sports or high-end simulators. World of Tanks is a free to play shooter that has finally come to the Steam platform....

Steam on Chromebooks could be a game changer

We learned in January via Android Police that Steam may be coming to Chromebooks. 9to5 Google have further information on this, how it may be delivered and what hardware will be supported. Background -...

You’ll get Half-Life: Alyx with HTC’s Vive Cosmos Elite, launching today

We took a look at HTC's upcoming expansion of its Vive Cosmos range a few weeks ago, and today's the day you've been waiting for, if you're into the top-specced version of HTC's VR...

Steam now lets iOS and Android devices remotely join PC multiplayer games

Valve, Steam’s parent company, announced last month that it was adding a new beta feature that would enable you to play local multiplayer games over the internet with your friends across Windows, Linux, and...

HTC Vive Pre – Australian eyes-on

There's been a lot of interest in HTC's SteamVR-powered Vive system since its announcement early last year, and some of us in the Ausdroid team have been lucky enough to try out the system...

HTC to expand Vive developer availability in early 2016; commercial release delayed to April

HTC has just announced on their blog that their Vive Steam-VR-powered virtual reality system will be released commerically in April 2016. It's a near miss on their original target (end of the year, so...

Counter Strike 1.6 is making its way to Android

SDLash3D have been putting some time into porting the now legendary Counter Strike 1.6 to the Android Platform. In many ways, the game that started it all for Valve Software has built up a legion of...

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