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VHA to stock Samsung Galaxy S early next month

It's not like this news is out of the blue, since it was in the roadmap we were told about. But none the less it's great to have a timing of release. One of...

Vodafone will update HTC Magics later this year

Good news HTC Magic (32B) owners, Vodafone will indeed be updating your device beyond Android 1.6 with a planned update coming later in the year. Vodafone are still in talks with Google on specifics...

Vodafone Nexus Ones receiving Android 2.2 OTA

Vodafone have today allowed their Android 2.2 "Froyo" OTA (over the air) update to go ahead. So all of you with a Nexus One from Voda, you should get the update soon or you...

HTC Legend back in stock over at Vodafone

No AMOLED shortage here. 10 days later and Vodafone have already got plenty more HTC Legends for their online store and still showing AMOLED as the display, so no sneaky moves were made to...

Vodafone confirms Froyo for Nexus One – No ETA

Nexus One owners rejoice! No need to feel left behind with your new Nexus One from Vodafone, as they will be updating you to Android 2.2 (Froyo) in the near future. Updates on Voda...

Vodafone sold out of the HTC Legend

Looks like someone's a bit popular, the HTC Legend that is. As you can see above Vodafone have marked it as 'Out of stock'. Normally there would be no reasoning behind this other than actually...

Vodafone only have 1000 Nexus Ones

UPDATE: This has been confirmed by a source inside of Vodafone. Time to fire up the Rumour Mill. I have received word that Vodafone have only been able to secure 1,000 Nexus Ones and...

Vodafone starts selling Nexus One – Lowers price

After a few hiccups and early selling over the phone to loyalty customers, Vodafone has opened the gates to the Nexus One via their online store. I suggest that if you want the Nexus One...

Vodafone selling Nexus One from tomorrow ($79 cap)

Vodafone AU has announced via Twitter that they will be selling the Nexus One through their online store from tomorrow. The Nexus One will be $0 upfront on the $79 cap, and supply is very...

Vodafone announces Google Nexus One

FINALLY! Vodafone AU have finally announced (officially) that they will indeed be carrying the Nexus One, this announcement has been a long time coming. Since we broke the news that Vodafone would indeed carry...

Vodafone confirms Nexus One, more info at the end of the week

There is nothing I love more than a Carrier laying down the facts, and Vodafone does this well. Today they confirmed they are getting the Nexus One, with more news to come by the...

Xperia X10 getting Android 2.1 in Q3 — MediaScape & TimeScape update in Q4

Sony Ericsson have said on multiple occasions that the Xperia X10 would be getting an update, then they finally said it would come in Q4. Now they're saying that it will be here in...

Samsung Galaxy S to be a 1 month exclusive to Optus from July 1st?

Although this is currently just rumour, I've been told this by multiple sources & from some of you guys. But it seems plausible. What I was told is that the Galaxy S will be available...

HTC Legend available now through Vodafone!

Vodafone have recently opened up the floodgates for people with interest in the HTC Legend to snap it up. As the Vodafone Store says $49 a month will get you the device for $0...

Vodafone relaunches the Xperia X10 today

Sony Ericsson has just informed us that Vodafone has relaunched the Xperia X10 after it's delay a few weeks back. We were told the initial release just wasn't right & the devices weren't ready....

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