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Vodafone: HTC Magic out — “Several new Android devices” in

Straight from the Horse's mouth, this one. On Vodafone AU's Facebook Page they have left a comment stating that the HTC Magic is indeed an "End of life" device and is being phased out,...

Vodafone’s HTC Magic at “End of life” — No Android 2.1+??

It has come to our attention that the HTC Magic has been removed from sale on the Vodafone online store (Link). Now take this with the usual dosage of salt, but we've been told...

Vodafone have not cancelled the X10, just delayed it

Finally, some Vodafone-X10 news you don't have to take with a grain of salt. Sony Ericsson have contacted me today to clarify that the Xperia X10 has not been cancelled by Vodafone, only that...

X10 pulled from Vodafone all together (UPDATE) — Three suspiciously out of stock

Update: Vodafone have not cancelled the X10, only delayed it. See Link Now there has been talk that there is an error with the Xperia X10 on Vodafone, when approached they said they didn't know...

Vodafone AU confirms Nexus One — No time frame for release

After contacting Vodafone today, they have shed some more light on the Nexus One rumours. The email received from one of our readers, reads: Our agreement with Google to stock the Nexus phone covers all geographies....

VHA roadmap to include HTC Legend, Samsung Galaxy S & SE Xperia X10 Mini...

Now a little birdy just informed me of the Android Devices headed to VHA (Voda + Three) in the next few months. And boy, is it a good lineup! The HTC Legend (previously thought going...

Vodafone: We’re unsure when we’ll stock the X10

As some of you may or may not know, Vodafone stocked the Xperia X10 for about 2 days, and then it was removed for purchase on their site. I sent them an email not...

Vodafone also launches the Xperia X10

Vodafone yesterday launched their take on the Xperia X10. Now both Voda & Three have the X10 on their shelves. With only Telstra & Optus yet to launch their versions. Vodafone is using the X10i...

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 confirmed for Vodafone, Optus & Three

The Xperia X10 (no matter how bad the press it gets) will be making it's way to Australian Carriers in the next few months. Three will launch it 3-4 weeks after it's official launch, so...

Android invades Vodafone

Vodafone UK has released on their site 4 new phone that will be coming to them from April onwards, and funnily enough, they're all Android Devices. This means we should see them here in...

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