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HTC Desire HD set to launch tomorrow on $59 Vodafone cap

HTC announced today via their Facebook Page that the Desire HD launch event is happening tomorrow with more info to come. But what we do know from our inside source at Voda, is that...

HTC Desire HD selling like hot cakes

There's no doubt that the HTC Desire HD is the most-wanted phone at the moment, and pre-sales figures are certainly showing that. Word out of HTC is that there is not enough supply to...

HTC Desire Z & HD both been delayed due to failed Google testing

Yay for last-minute device testing! Both the Desire Z and Desire HD have both failed Google TA (Type Approval) testing at the last-minute causing HTC to delay the devices hitting the market. There are...

HTCSense.com — A Walkthrough

With HTCSense.com having just launched and the HTC Desire HD making its way out sometime soon, I thought I'd give you all a quick walkthrough of what you can do inside of HTCSense.com. It's...

HTCSense.com is available in preparation for HTC Desire HD launch

It's been almost a month since HTC announced the Desire HD, Desire Z and of course HTCSense.com, and finally HTCSense.com is up and available in preparation of the upcoming HTC Desire Z and HTC...

What’s happening in October..

It's finally October, which means there is a fair bit of stuff expected to happen, unless of course you're waiting for your Android 2.1 or 2.2 update, because that'll no doubt be pushed back,...

HTC Desire HD screenshots hit the web

With the Desire HD making its way over to VHA in the next month or so, I thought I'd get some excitement going by posting up some of the screenshots from the Desire HD...

Vodafone get the HTC Desire HD exclusive

Vodafone have confirmed that they will be the exclusive carrier of the HTC Desire HD, the epic device that was announced tonight in London. Following HTC’s global announcement in London, VHA announces today that...

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