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Motorola G7 — Australian Review

Motorola has been something of a quiet achiever in the mobile space over the last three years or so offering some excellent devices, importantly at a really sharp price. Roll on a few...

LG looking to release an upgraded V30 instead of the G7 at MWC

At this time of year the Korea Herald is chock full of interesting tidbits about our two favourite Korean companies, LG and Samsung. Today their news is surrounding LG's plans for MWC and...

LG CEO orders G7 design to be re-vamped from scratch delaying launch until April

It's been a tumultuous year for LG in the mobile space. After announcing that the company has begun scaling back from a yearly launch cycle for their mobile devices, the LG CEO has reportedly...

LG G7 rumours start – two editions and an early launch possibly on the...

LG's mobile aspirations have never quite gelled into a runaway success like a certain other South Korean manufacturer, but they're not stopping and for the launch of the LG G7 they might be trying...

Huawei lists which of their phones will see an update to Marshmallow

In line with their growth as a recognisable phone manufacturer, Huawei has also undertaken a more forward looking perspective when it comes to software updates. Though they haven't been known previously as having a...

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