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Gaming on Android

Gaming is certainly starting to pickup on android with developers such as EA Mobile, Gameloft making some awesome titles. Couple this with the TV-Out capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S, and you've got some...

Samsung preparing a GPS fix for Galaxy S

It seems Samsung and its customers aren't 100% happy with the performance of the GPS within the Galaxy S. Come September there should be an OTA update to fix their global Galaxy S range...

Virgin Mobile offering 3 months free access for Android devices

Virgin are currently offering 3 months free access to any new sign ups on their new Smart Caps. Virgin says the new caps are "designed for Google Android phones" as they're packed "with loads...

Samsung Galaxy S stock slowly becoming available again

Reports coming from Techanist, Virgin, Optus as well as emails to me are positive signs that Samsung's popular Galaxy S is finally being delivered to stores and to people who have ordered online. If...

What’s to come in August

This month will (hopefully) bring some new Android devices to Aus, as well as some already available ones heading to new carriers. In this post I'll attempt to cover all known and rumoured upcoming...

Optus & Samsung extend Galaxy S exclusivity for another month and add more accessories

On the back of a successful month of sales through Optus, Samsung have decided to extend the exclusive deal for the Galaxy S to be Optus-only for another month, ending 31st August. The Galaxy...

HTC Desire vs. Samsung Galaxy S

The HTC Desire & Samsung Galaxy S are the two best Android Devices out on the market at the moment, so we decided to put them up against each other to give you an...

Virgin & Optus sold out of the Samsung Galaxy S

We've received word from multiple workers at Optus & Virgin saying that their stores have completely sold out of the Galaxy S, and Virgin actually have a backlog of over 200, I would imagine...

VHA to stock Samsung Galaxy S early next month

It's not like this news is out of the blue, since it was in the roadmap we were told about. But none the less it's great to have a timing of release. One of...

Virgin Mobile joins the Galaxy S party

What do you mean Optus has a one month exclusive on the Galaxy S?! That means nothing to Virgin Mobile, apparently. Techanist have said that Virgin is confirmed to be selling the Galaxy S...

Optus lowers Galaxy S to $0 on $49 ‘yes’ Social Cap

After thinking Optus were going to let me down, they have come through with the goods by indeed lowering the price of the Galaxy S to $0 on the $49 'yes' Social plan &...

Optus to lower Galaxy S to $0 on $49 cap

There is a lot of competition in the market at the moment, and Optus are continuing to push prices down. On Monday they are going to lower the Galaxy S to $0 on their...

Virgin dive into Android – Take on both Galaxy S & X10 Mini Pro

When Lucas from Techanist told you to 'watch this space' when it came to Android on Virgin Mobile, he meant it. He has said that both the Galaxy S and X10 Mini Pro are...

Samsung Galaxy S — Q&A

My favourite part of the phone review, answering all your questions! I sent a message out through Twitter a few days ago asking you guys if you had any questions you wanted answered about...

Samsung Galaxy S — Review

So I currently have my hands on a little device that goes by the name of "Galaxy S". Now, this phone isn't big news, besides the fact it's one of the best phones that...

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