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Samsung Galaxy S8 DeX dock leaks showing support for up to 4K resolution

Samsung's rumoured desktop dock named DeX which supports a desktop mode for the phone has been rumoured to launch with the Galaxy S8 next week. The dock has just leaked, giving us a look...

Daily Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks round up – including more @evleaks

Good morning from Samdroid, or was that Aussung? One thing I am certain of is that someone over at Samsung definitely knows what they are doing. How much media are we seeing...

More official press renders of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaked by EvLeaks

I had been putting off doing the daily Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks and rumour post but when Evan Blass tweets we all jump. We saw him send out some official press renders showing...

Yet more Samsung Galaxy S8 images leaked

I'd like to apologise to you all for yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 leak post but it would be remiss of us not to at least have one post with all of the random...

More photos of the Samsung Galaxy S8 leak, including different colours

Welcome to Samdroid. Or is it Aussung? No, last time I checked it's still Ausdroid but it seems that every second post I write at the moment is dedicated to the upcoming Samsung...

Daily Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks roundup

Although there is still just under two weeks until the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ there are still multiple leaks every single day. Unless there is something extremely innovative and...

Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature 1000fps slow-motion video capture

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is just weeks away from launching, and it appears that even with all the leaks there's more to come. A new report overnight says that the Galaxy S8/S8+ will both...

Samsung Galaxy S8 to have 3D Touch technology and Bixby confirmed

The noise of the leaks and rumours surrounding Samsung's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ is gaining momentum every day -- and there is still nearly two weeks until the announcement. Overnight we saw...

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks continue

The team over at Slashleaks clearly have a good source because they're getting a lot of information on the no longer secret; but soon to be launched Galaxy S8 from Samsung. Today they've got a...

Samsung Galaxy S8 back panel and dummy phone leak

It seems appropriate that after no Galaxy S8 leaks yesterday that we have an absolute trove of them today. This morning we covered several in a single roll-up post but in chanelling one...

Even more Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks

It seems a bit remiss of us to go a day without posting any Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks but yesterday that occurred and we apologise unreservedly. All the leaks occurred overnight so here...

Galaxy S8 vs Galaxy S8+ size comparison in the flesh

March 29th is fast approaching, and the leaks for Samsung's upcoming flagships keep on coming. Today we've had specs confirmed and now you can start to size up the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+...

Samsung Galaxy S8 specs “confirmed”, including release date

Are you sick of it yet? The Samsung Galaxy S8 rumour-mill. I think I am. Is there anything we don't know just yet? Well, it's time for what is seemingly...

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ pass through the FCC

What would a day in March be without a second Samsung Galaxy S8 and/or S8+ rumour or leak? This morning we reported on the price and colour availability of them and now the...

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ pricing and colours leak

Anyone remember when Android phones did NOT leak every single detail before their announcement? Me neither. Today we see yet another Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ leak following on from the multitude...

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