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Google is offering discounts on a range of hardware products, up to 47% off

Who doesn't love some first party Google hardware (if you don't you may not be on the right website)? Ever more so, who doesn't love a good discount? Well, if that's you then Google's...

Google Chrome launches enhanced password and phishing protection

Google has been on an all out quest to make being online safer and today they have unveiled enhancements to the Chrome browser that just might achieve that goal. Now, it's your responsibility to...

Want four months of free YouTube Premium? Your new Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with...

Buying a new Samsung usually comes with perks. If it isn't the pre-order bonus of free Galaxy Buds that gets your engine going, perhaps its free YouTube Premium access. Usually you're paying $11.99 a month...

Google Pixel 4K Video EIS question answered and a sample 4K video shared

When Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL the capabilities of the camera were a high point of the event, with the highest score ever given by DXOMark. The camera also introduced a new...

This is the Google Pixel

We've had leaks, rumours, renders, parts leak and Mr Blurycam images of Googles incoming Nexus phone replacement the Pixel and Pixel XL. Now we have what looks to be the best quality official render...

Google’s Pixel C team ran an AMA on reddit – USB specs, Ok Google...

Google's Pixel C tablet is a bit of a mystery at the moment. Initial reviews are talking about great hardware form factor that's looking for a good software package. To promote the new tablet,...

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