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HTC U11+ press renders leak and it looks enticing

I have been one of many detractors from HTC's inability to move with the times and update their phone design but HTC are set to have me eat my words. Today they are...

HTC US lays down which phones will receive an update to Android Oreo

In the aftermath of the release of any version of Android we of course get comments from manufacturers announcing which of their devices will be updated. HTC, or at least their US arm has...

HTC to enable Bluetooth 5.0 on the U11 according to FCC filing

One of the advantages of this software world we live in is that it's possible to imbue your existing hardware with new features, assuming its hardware can support them. Bluetooth is one such technology,...

HTC U11: A Welcome Return To Form — Australian Review

As HTC celebrates its 20th anniversary, the U11 is a gorgeous, feature-packed and very welcome return to form. The company's original “One” turned heads with its all-metal design and focus on low-light camera performance, but...

HTC U11 is outselling the M9 and 10

According to basically anyone who has held and used a HTC U11 for any significant amount of time it is an amazing device (yes, we're whip cracking Jason about his review). The problem...

HTC U11 available from 5th June

A couple of weeks ago one of our editors attended the launch of the HTC U11 and we have not been able to shut him up about it since. Apparently it is a...

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