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More LG G3 leaks – lockscreen, landscape UI and Laser guided photos again

What's a brand new day, without starting it off with some LG G3 news? That seems to be the flavour of the month really, but with the anticipation rising for LG's upcoming flagship, can...

Ausdroid Podcast 112 – Motorola’s Low End

Welcome to episode 112 of the Ausdroid podcast! This week we took a look at Motorola's new phones (announced just hours before the show), and some of LG's recent teases of their upcoming products. Hosted by...

LG G3 press renders show the phone in gorgeous detail

The build-up to the release of the LG G3 has seen many leaks, and now some beautifully shot press renders for the phone have been leaked to PhoneArena, showing off the phone in Gold,...

LG G3 Teaser Released

With both Samsung and HTC's flagships already out there in the market place with mixed success it is hard for an unreleased phone to gain traction starting so far behind. LG seem to...

LG G3 leaks in Gold with added rumour of laser guided photos

The G3 in Gold is nothing new, we first saw the rumour along with gold coloured retail packaging for the phone mid-last month. Overnight, GSMArena manged to get hold of some - admittedly blurry...

LG G3 could come with metallic back and removeable back

We're seeing more and more of the LG G3, we saw black and white renders of the phone yesterday in what appeared to be a plastic material, but according to @evleaks plastic may not...

LG G3 appears on evleaks in White

LG have made some outstanding phones over the last few years; Some LG branded such as the G2 but also the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. The G2's successor, the G3 has started...

LG G3 makes an [alleged] appearance

LG's G3 (the obvious follow-on from it's Optimus G and G2) has made another guest appearance, this time over at @evleaks' Twitter page. You can see the image Evan posted above, and while it's clearly...

LG G3 pic leaks again in a clearer picture which clarifies specs

The LG G3 ship is leaking, fast. With an expected May 27th launch coming up, both the specs and phone are appearing on the internet more and more. We saw a heavily filtered version...

LG G3 appears in new leaked photos

The leadup to the LG G3 launch has been leaky and it's getting leakier. A couple of new photos have just appeared on Korean site Seeko, which show off both the front and back...

LG announces Q1 2014 results and announces the G3 will be coming in Q2

LG announced their Q1 2014 financial results overnight and from the looks of things they've had a fairly successful quarter. From our perspective, we're interested in the results from the mobile division, known to LG...

The LG G3 is getting leaky – UI and more specs leaked

The upcoming, unannounced LG G3 is getting leakier by the day. There's been two leaks regarding the LG G3 overnight, the first of which shows off the new LG UI and the second is...

LG G3 coming in Gold with high res screen

Handsets from LG in their high end G line of phones specifically have become highly desirable over the last two years, and the LG G3 is looking set to follow this trend, not only...

Is LG preparing for a June launch of the G3?

LG has been rumoured to bring the G3 launch forward to a May/June launch date for a few months now, with the leak of screenshots purported to be from the device it's looking more...

New screenshots seem to confirm the LG G3 will be announced with QHD

A User Agent Profile for an upcoming LG Phone - the D850 - leaked by EVLeaks the other day, which is thought to be a candidate to be the LG G3, showed an extremely...

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