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Motorola Moto 360 to launch at £199 in the UK according to online retailer

Since the announcement of both Android Wear and the very first hardware to go along with the platform, from LG and Motorola, the scramble for specs, pricing and release dates has been on. We...

Moto 360 and LG G Watch Side By Side

Google IO is coming in just a few weeks and it seems that there we will see a lot of Android Wear content. The two proponents of Android Wear that we definitely know...

HTC One Wear to Rival the Moto 360

It was just last night that I was reporting on Android Wear and mentioning the LG G Watch and the Moto 360. I talked about how the Moto 360 appeared to be a...

Moto 360 will charge by wireless induction: Motorola

A Motorola spokesperson has announced that the soon to be released Moto 360 will charge wirelessly via magnetic induction. This information was provided to Techzine and was then translated by Techradar. The publication claims they...

Motorola outs Moto 360 pricing in competition rules

Motorola has given the strongest indication yet of pricing for the upcoming Moto 360 smartwatch, disclosing the approximate retail value of $US 249 in the terms and conditions for a competition it's running. Motorola is...

Google invites developers to submit Android Wear apps for feedback ahead of launch

Ahead of Google's 2014 I/O Developer Conference, where Google is expected to show off more of its Android Wear platform, and where LG and Motorola are expected to launch their G Watch and Moto...

Moto 360 smart watch expected to be available in July

Whilst we all wait eagerly for more information about the impending launch of Motorola's second smart watch, Moto 360, which was announced over 2 months ago, reports are emerging that the company will launch...

Motorola Senior VP doesn’t think much of the current state of smartwatches

Motorola's Senior Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations, Mark Randall, has done an interview with Trusted Reviews, and he's made his thoughts pretty clear on the state of smartwatches; they're crap. Obviously, Randall's thoughts might not...

Moto 360 Coming with 7 wrist band options

Android Police received a tip that the Motorola 360 product page was (albeit briefly) home to an image that shouldn't have been there. The image shows 7 different band options for the newly...

Ausdroid Podcast 106 – Fashion-forward Android Wear

Welcome to episode 106 of the Ausdroid podcast! It's local launch week for the Galaxy S5 and All New HTC One this week, so while we don't have much of an update on either device,...

Rumour: Moto 360 will feature OLED display, sapphire glass, wireless charging

Motorola caused quite a stir this week when it announced the extremely good looking Moto 360 smartwatch. However, aside from a few renders and a launch window of 'Summer 2014' (Winter for us Southern...

Motorola talks Moto 360

This morning, Jim Wicks, head of Motorola Consumer Experience Design sat down with Barbara Liss from Motorola's Social Media team for a Google+ hangout. It wasn't smooth sailing, it was 25 minutes late (perhaps...

Motorola hosting a Google+ hangout for the Moto 360

If the announcement of the first Android Wear smartwatches caught your eye this morning, then you probably are looking at the Moto 360 and Motorola are offering you the opportunity to learn more. Motorola...

Motorola announces the Moto 360 smartwatch

Say hello Moto - Hello Moto360 that is, with Motorola this morning announcing one of the first smartwatches that will support the Android Wear 'wearables' platform that Google has just announced. It's a bold...

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