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Motorola’s Punit Soni posts a screenshot from a 1080P device and the crowd goes...

Leaks, they happen for every company, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not. Whether Punit Soni, VP, Product Management at Motorola Mobility was thinking about what he was doing when he posted a screenshot to Google+ showing...

Is this the front panel for the Moto X+1?

The Moto X+1 is sure a hotly anticipated phone, Motorola announced the replacement was coming late this Summer earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in a Q&A session and we saw a Motorola...

Successor to the Moto X possibly seen in the wild dressed up in an...

It's been known since Motorola themselves announced it during a Q&A session at Mobile World Congress, that a successor to the Moto X would be coming 'This Summer', and now it may have been...

Motorola Moto X+1 leaked on Moto Maker site

Usually, a manufacturer is the last place you look for leaks to occur regarding an unannounced smartphone, but it appears that Motorola was a little sloppy on their Moto Maker site overnight. Someone in...

Motorola Moto X successor – XT912A shows up on GFXBench

The successor to the Motorola Moto X has apparently shown up on benchmarking site GFXBench, giving us an insight into what could be announced later this 'Summer'. Motorola announced during a Q&A session held...

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