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Motorola officially announces the Moto X for Australia, starting at $549

It's finally happening - Motorola announced this morning that it's bringing the Moto X to Australia. The device has appeared on the Australian Motorola site, although it's listed as coming soon. If you can't remember the...

Motorola Moto X coming to Telechoice in Black or White for $599

At Mobile World Congress, during a Q&A Session on Twitter, Motorola announced that they would finally be releasing their higher end phone the Moto X in Australia. The first sign of the phone arriving...

Motorola’s Touchless Control and Migrate apps updated for certain devices

Part of the appeal of the new software on Motorola is the Touchless controls, and Motorola has just pushed out an update which brings some interesting new options to this feature. The new features are...

Moto X to launch in Australia – Moto Maker service could extend internationally starting...

The Moto X was a subject of much contention when it launched as a US/American exclusive, but it's slowly rolled out to other markets of late beginning in the UK at the start of...

Google by the numbers – Q4 2013 earnings report

Google has just announced their Q4 results for 2013, and after the announcement yesterday of the sale of Motorola to Lenovo, the focus is on the losses that Motorola has continued to accrue despite...

Lenovo buys Motorola Mobility from Google for US$2.91 billion

Google had closed a deal with Chinese manufacturer, Lenovo, to purchase Motorola Mobility for US$2.91 billion. This will mark the end of Google's foray into the manufacturing side, after originally purchasing Motorola back in...

Moto G rumoured to be the Motorola DVX, a lower-end 4.5-inch Moto X

In September we say a device go through the FCC in America that was rumoured to be a 4.5-inch lower-end variant of the Moto X -- a device which still hasn't found its way...

Google by the numbers – Q3 earnings report

It's that time again, time to see how the Mountain View giant we know and love has been doing financially and from the look of the numbers it's not terrible, in fact after hours...

Mobicity selling Motorola Moto X, in stock now

Motorola's decision to not bring the new Moto X to Australia has not been popular, but for those of you who still want to get your hands on Motorola's latest beast, Mobicity have advised...

Rumour: Motorola to produce a Nexus in Q4 this year

A new rumour is floating around the internet and it involves two things that I'm a bit of a fan of - Nexus and Motorola. According to a Google+ post from Taylor Wimberly -...

Ausdroid Podcast 81 – August 6, 2013

Welcome to the 81st episode of the Ausdroid podcast! This week we had a bumper crop of podcast participants as Jason was joined by Scott, Geoff and Dan. Dan has made the entire team jealous...

Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X – Counterpoint

This post is another point of view to this article : Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X Since Google first announced their purchase of Motorola back in August of 2011, the...

Did Motorola fail with the launch of the Moto X

Remember when Google forked out 12.5 Billion dollars to buy Motorola Mobility? Remember what we all thought? Awesome! Finally a manufacturer who will be able to make Android phones how they should be made....

Motorola launches the Moto X

Our long wait for Motorola's first post-Google-acquisition smartphone is finally over. The Moto X was launched a couple of hours ago in New York. Let's take a look. The Moto X story began earlier this...

Ausdroid Podcast 80 – July 31, 2013

Welcome to the 80th episode of the Ausdroid podcast! This week we Jason and Dan were joined by Terence Huynh, Executive Editor of TechGeek to discuss the week's news. Most of the stories were...

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