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Give Dad the gift of Google this Fathers day

There have been plenty of specials available in the lead up to Fathers day this year. Google too, is offering quite a range of their hardware for a discounted price. Everything from the Nest...

[Great Deal] Google Nest Hub Max $100 off down to $249.00

There are regular deals on hardware of all sorts in the mobile and smart home space. At the moment, one that has captured a bit of interest is the $100 discount on the...

Google add Zoom support and more to Nest Hub Max

Zoom is one of the more popular video calling services and it has also seen a huge increase in usage this year, albeit after an auspicious start to the year. Now Google are...

New tabbed UI coming to Nest Hub Max with dark mode included

The UI on the Nest Hub Max is basic to say the least with it of course focusing mostly on voice control. We have seen videos and reports of some users seeing a...

There’s a new UI coming to the Nest Hub Max

The user interface on the Nest Hub Max is not great with Google focusing on voice and radar controlling of it instead. It appears though that Google are looking to change the user...

Netflix, Foxtel and Stan arrive on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max in Australia

You would think that Netflix would want their service to be available on every single device possible but they maintain tight control over just which devices are supported -- likely due to wanting to...

Sonos speakers can now be your default Nest Home playback target

There has been some coverage of the Sonos and Google relationship in the media lately. The streaming speaker giant is suing Google for patent infringement. That aside, their joint customer delivery continues to strengthen...

Nest hubs now have a new media playback dashboard

One of the things I love about having a Nest hub easily accessible in my home is the control for media. Possibly because my kids love playing annoying music at an obnoxious volume....

Best of 2019: Scott Plowman

2019 has been an interesting year for many companies. We saw some companies continue with business as usual and we saw some companies have their business practices and products affected by external effects. Then...

Australians will also be seeing Black Friday sales on the Google Store next week

Sometimes we get jealous of our friends in the US who see sales of Google devices consistently. This year though Australians will also be able to join in the fun on Black Friday...

Photos are starting to show dates on Google Nest displays

Google’s smart displays are continuing to grow in popularity, with new features and new models offered over the last year or two. Smart displays offer a lot of functions that can be accessed with...

Control the photos your Smart Display is showing from your Google Photos app

Smart Displays is something Google has focused on in recent times and for most who have one it's a great way to look at pictures of times gone past. Now you can easily...

Google confirms it doesn’t store your voice recordings by default

Conspiracy theorists have regularly posed the question of what Google is doing with your voice data from Assistant. Theories range from "always listening" through "spying on you" to "targeting advertising" but Google is answering...

Google’s Nest Hub Max is going on sale in Australia — here’s what to...

Google's newest smart home hardware - Nest Hub Max - goes on sale in Australia on Tuesday in charcoal or white colours for $349. It features a big 10-inch touchscreen, a new front-facing camera...

Google’s Nest Hub Max is coming to Australia on September 10 for $349

After its announcement earlier this year, Google's ready to launch the Nest Hub Max. A bigger 10-inch version of the existing Nest Hub (formerly Home Hub), it'll be hitting Australian retailers (and the Google...

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