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Spotify brings lyrics for some songs to smart displays

Spotify seems set to follow (in part at least) in the footsteps of the Google Play Music platform on smart displays, rolling out function to display song lyrics and the stories behind the songs. The...

Control the photos your Smart Display is showing from your Google Photos app

Smart Displays is something Google has focused on in recent times and for most who have one it's a great way to look at pictures of times gone past. Now you can easily...

Google confirms it doesn’t store your voice recordings by default

Conspiracy theorists have regularly posed the question of what Google is doing with your voice data from Assistant. Theories range from "always listening" through "spying on you" to "targeting advertising" but Google is answering...

Bunnings has a great price match special on Google’s Charcoal Nest Hub (formerly Home...

One of the great thing about major online retailers having a sale (*ahem* Amazon Prime Day and the eBay sales) is that there are a few bricks and mortar retailers who'll price match. There's...

Character alarms are cool, but (disappointingly) not available in Australia

Google has announced that character alarms are now available on Assistant driven smart displays after a short stint being only available on smart speakers. Unfortunately only in selected regions (US and Canada for now)...

Don’t stop the music – smart displays can group speakers on the fly

Google Assistant powered smart displays like the Nest Hub have seen a number of recent feature updates, including new clock faces and voice commands. A more intuitive way to group smart speakers together is...

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