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Google launches updated Google WiFi and new features for existing routers

One week after Google's annual hardware event they have released an updated version of the original Google WiFi, coming in at a reduced price and sporting a few new capabilities. That's right, in the...

Google looks ready to release the Nest WiFi successor we wanted

Last year Google released their second generation Mesh WiFi router, the Nest WiFi. While it was a gorgeous device with the inclusion of Google Assistant Speaker, the removal of the LAN port, the increase...

Google Home app finally gets full control of Google/ Nest WiFi devics

We know you're not going to believe this, but one of Google's product offerings was fragmented, namely the integration for advanced network control for Google/Nest WiFi devices in the Home app. Until today when...

Google Nest WiFi — Australian Review

Google has released the long-awaited refresh to its original Google WiFi Mesh Router, the Nest WiFi, and refresh is a great name for what it is. It's not revolutionary, but it is evolutionary and...

Google’s new Nest Mini and Nest Wifi are now available to pre-order in Australia

Google's new wave of Nest-branded products were announced to the world this morning. The Nest Mini and Nest Wifi are coming to Australian stores in a few weeks, and pre-orders have gone live at...

Google’s second generation of home Wifi hardware is here – say hello to Nest...

After two years, Google has  announced a refresh of its Google WiFi home mesh networking technology. Now folded in under the Nest brand, Nest WiFi was launched today, as rumoured. Google Nest WiFi is a...

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