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Nexus 7 — Mini Review

Aside from being a bit of a gadget freak, the tech in my life needs to be useful and used, otherwise it's just clutter. When the Nexus 7 was announced I could feel my...

Asus Nexus 7 Accessories are starting to appear on Australian websites

After the tip from Michael regarding the Nexus 7 Travel Cover at JB Hifi I started looking around and have been finding some more links at other places, not saying in-stock but very close...

Asus Nexus 7 Travel Covers on sale at JB H-Fi

Looks like the Asus Nexus 7 Travel covers are on-sale at at least one JB Hifi store with Michael tweeting Ausdroid to advise us that he picked up the above cover at the JB...

X-Rays of the Asus Nexus 7 (updated: now in 3D)

Thanks to Scott, one of our regular podcasters and behind the scenes contributors here at Ausdroid, I have this awesome image to share with you. We've seen the teardown guide for the Asus Nexus...

Asus Australia to open an online accessory store soon

If HTC can do it why not Asus? That seems like a very good question and it looks like Asus Australia thinks so as well. In response to a question by Facebook user Bryn...

More official Nexus 7 accessories coming

EDIT Looks like the 'Official' tag being used for these is completely wrong, they're actually from HipStreet.. Which makes the prices seem even more insanely over the top. Thanks to Droid-Life for the heads-up. Looks...

Nexus 7 Video – Jelly Bean Tips

Todays Nexus 7 video is the longest one yet, clocking in at 1:39 the Google Nexus team has decided to show off some tips on using Jelly Bean to its fullest. Starting with unlocking...

Asus Nexus 7 Travel covers to be available in the next 2 weeks

I've been tweeting at the @AsusAU twitter feed and posting on their Facebook wall for a while now asking about accessories for the Nexus 7 and received no response, however last night @AsusAU finally...

Nexus 7 Video – Google Now

Todays Nexus 7 video is focusing on Google Now. The Google Now feature in Jelly Bean has been an interesting albeit limited feature to start with which I hope to see built over time....

Nexus 7 Video – Google+ Hangouts

Todays Nexus 7 video introduces the Google Hangouts concept to new Nexus 7 owners. The Google+ experience is really good on the Nexus 7 and the Google+ Hangouts function is really quite a smart...

Google updates Developer page with Jelly Bean factory images for Nexus devices

The factory images page on the Google Developers website has been updated with the stock factory images for the Nexus S(Except Sprint 4G and Korean Version), Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7. The images that...

Nexus 7 Video : Google Play

Today brings another video from the GoogleNexus YouTube channel, this video introduces the Google Play store. Unfortunately they do mention options in the play store like Music and Magazines which aren't available to us...

Nexus 7 Video – Google Apps

Another day, another video from the GoogleNexus YouTube Channel. Today the Nexus 7 video is addressing Google Apps. Starting with Chrome they show off the speed of pages loading and then how easy it...

Nexus 7 Video – Make Yourself At Home

A new video has just appeared on the GoogleNexus YouTube page and it looks like Google is set to make a series of videos to introduce new users to the Nexus 7 and also...

Getting started on the Nexus 7 from Google

Google has just posted a Getting Started video on their GoogleNexus Youtube channel showing new users the basics of turning the tablet on, and setting the device for the first time. The video also...

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