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OnePlus Nord will arrive with a dual selfie camera, but probably still not here...

OnePlus received a lot of criticism for the pricing of their flagships, the OnePlus 8 and the OnePlus 8 Pro. Now that OnePlus seem to really "Never Settle" on their flagships -- with...

OnePlus 8 line set to be launched in April

The OnePlus lineup has always been released towards the middle of the year when component prices are a bit cheaper and the hype of the March phones (especially Samsung) has died down. This...

The OnePlus 8 is set to have some form of water ingress protection

OnePlus have always been a company offering great value for money. Slowly but surely they have been adding features that the more expensive phones have while still keeping the costs relatively low. ...

Sketchy leak: OnePlus 8 specs revealed by online retailer

OnePlus are expected to reveal their 2020 flagship earlier than in previous years this year with rumours suggesting late March / early April. As such you would expect us to start seeing leaks...

OnePlus 8 Lite leak reveals a triple rear camera

Many are saying these days that the premium smartphone is out of reach for many if not most people but that is okay because manufacturers are bring many premium features into the mid-range. ...

Three OnePlus 8 phones’ specs leak online and as you would expect, they are...

OnePlus continue to expand their business each and every year in recent times and next year is set to be no different with the release of three phones at once, the first time they've...

OnePlus working on another mid-range device, the OnePlus 8 Lite

OnePlus have done some amazing things in the past few years. Although they had a set back early on in their lifetime they have moved forward in leaps and bounds once they went...

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