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OPPO R11 Camera Tech Explained With Example Photos: Back 16MP+20MP, Front 20MP Selfie

With the R11 OPPO wants to cement it's place in the Australian mobile marketplace as a manufacturer of affordable mid-range camera phones. Has it succeeded in doing this? OPPO Australia Executive Director Michael Tran said...

OPPO R11 Displays Notifications Much Better Than R9s

The OPPO R11 running Color OS 3.1 on Android 7.1.1 has partly improved notifications compared to the OPPO R9s but there are also some disappointing aspects (please note article EDIT at bottom). The OPPO R9s...

OPPO R9s Effectively $500 at Woolworths Mobile: $570 incl $70 Giftcard, Free Delivery

Woolworths Mobile has a great deal available at the moment, offering the OPPO R9s for $570 including a WISH $70 Giftcard and Free Delivery. The R9s has been quite popular, recently helping OPPO leap to #3...

Review – TAGG Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Moto G5/G5 Plus and OPPO R9s/R9s...

Some people like to use smartphones as is but I always use a glass screen protector and a drop proof case. I recently purchased a few TAGG Shield tempered glass screen protectors from eBay...

How To: Run OPPO / OnePlus Engineer Mode Hardware Diagnostic Tests

If you own an OPPO or OnePlus phone and are a curious person who likes to go behind the scenes of your phone operations, or your device is having issues, and you'd like to...
Oppo R9s Plus

OPPO R9s Plus and R9s — Australian Review

Oppo has been in the Australian market for 3 years now, bringing their range of affordable high-quality phones to an increasingly-receptive Australian public. While their older N and Find series seems to be taking...

Major OPPO Android Updates Confirmed: R9s, R9s Plus, R9, R9 Plus

OPPO smartphone models R9s, R9s Plus, R9 R9 Plus will get major Color OS Android updates this year. This is good news for Australian buyers of these OPPO Android phone models who wondered if their phones would...

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