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LG Q6 — The Australian Review

Earlier this year I reviewed the LG G6 and after some microSD card issues quite liked it. I felt that the design of it was near-on perfect -- the 18:9 display and the...

LG’s mid-range Q6 with Full Vision display will hit Australia for $399

LG's new Q-series phones will start arriving in Australia soon with the LG Q6 starting the flood at just $399 bringing with it sleek design and beautiful Full Vision display. Announced back in July,...

LG Q6 on its way downunder

Details of the LG Q6 and its variants leaked yesterday, just hours before they were made official. The phone, with its three variants, is targeting the lower end of the market but with...

LG Q6 now official bringing the LG Full Vision display to the mid-range

After details of the LG Q6 started leaking this morning, LG has gone ahead and announced the phone starting a new 'Q series' of LG devices in the process. The Q6 is the first in...

Details of the LG Q6 variants leak before tomorrow’s announcement

The LG G6 is a very decent phone but sales figures have shown time and again that most phones that sell are NOT flagship phones. Many other manufacturers have been very successful with...

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