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Google added support for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in Android 10

We have been able to use controllers such as the PS4 Dual Shock controller and Xbox One Controller on Android device for quite some time and now it seems that the new Nintendo Switch...

Got a Nintendo Switch? Now you can watch YouTube on it!

YouTube's quest to have an app on every device in your house has kicked it up a notch with the arrival of an app for the Nintendo Switch as a free download from the...

Nintendo is developing another smartphone game from the Zelda franchise – ‘The Legend of...

One of Nintedo's best and most premium franchises is coming to your smartphone very soon according to a report that surfaced overnight in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). The Legend of Zelda is being co-developed...

Want better parental controls for your kids Nintendo Switch? There’s an app for that

With Nintendo Switch now available around the world, Nintendo have put a parental control app which enables better control over what games are played and how they are played. The Nintendo Switch Parental Control app...

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