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Disney+ is now available on Telstra TV

Telstra announced yesterday that the Disney+ streaming service is finally available on Telstra TV devices. Considering the iOS and Android/Google TV platforms have had access since it launched in Australia way back on...

Telstra TV is no longer tethered to Telstra broadband connections, but you still need...

Telstra has made a small but welcome change to its Telstra TV program - any Telstra customer can now buy the device and use it on their own broadband connection, regardless of their home...

Amazon’s Prime Video app comes to Telstra TV

As Amazon's attitude towards other streaming devices continues to thaw, Telstra TV is the latest platform to benefit with the company's Prime Video app added to its library. In a post on the Telstra Exchange...

Hey Google, it looks like you can now control Telstra TV

Telstra has announced the arrival of Voice Linking, a new feature that allows you to use the Google Assistant on your Google Home or smart speaker to control Telstra TV. Setup is simple - Telstra...

Telstra partnering with Roku to bring Telstra TV to your living room

Telstra has today announced that it has partnered with ROKU Inc, a Telstra branded streaming box to Australia called Telstra TV. Telstra TV, which is a rebranded Roku 2 box, will add to Telstra’s existing...

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