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Ausdroid’s 2016 Gift Guide – Other useful gizmos

It's that time of the year where we're on the hunt for family and friends, you're probably being asked "What do you want for christmas or being told how hard to buy for you...

HTC Vive is moving into stores in Australia

HTC's most surprising, and perhaps successful products has been the HTC Vive VR headset. Since it appeared on the tethered PC VR headset landscape, Vive has almost ubiquitously been hailed as the best in...

HTC’s Vive VR package is now available to pre-order in Australia – will cost...

HTC's Vive VR package is now available to pre-order with the final price sitting at under $1,000. Update: Clarification has been received from HTC regarding pricing for the HTC Vive. The price is $899USD which is...

HTC’s Vive coming to 24 countries including Australia in April

HTC isn't announcing a new phone at Mobile World Congress this year, but they have released an update on their virtual reality gaming system, the HTC Vive. HTC has announced the consumer edition of...

HTC to expand Vive developer availability in early 2016; commercial release delayed to April

HTC has just announced on their blog that their Vive Steam-VR-powered virtual reality system will be released commerically in April 2016. It's a near miss on their original target (end of the year, so...

Watch a former Disney animator fall in love with the paint application from HTC...

When announced at MWC in March, the HTC Vive blew my mind, it was virtual reality unlike anything I had seen previously. Jason got to try it out at IFA and was similarly blown...

HTC kicks off the Vive ‘World’ Tour in the US and Europe

Following on from the initial announcement at MWC and followups at the Game Developer Conference, HTC rolled out their Vive VR platform to developers a couple of months ago. But developers and teasers don't...

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