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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play to be officially launched Feb 13th – Surprise surprise

Well it's finally official, Sony Ericsson's worst kept secret, the Xperia Play aka the Playstation Phone, is due to be officially unveiled at MWC on the 13th of February. Sporting the ususal suspects of hardware,...

PlayStation Certified devices will be branded?

Yesterday Sony made the massive announcement that they would bring PlayStation Games to 'Certified' Android Devices. They specifically said they would test each device that applied to become 'PlayStation Certified', to ensure it would...

PlayStation Suite coming soon to Android, gaming just got real

Sony has just announced what is dubbed "PlayStation Suite" that will extend PlayStation's content to devices other than the PlayStation Portable series. Sony will launch a PlayStation Store for Android which will allow for...

Sony Ericsson’s Playstation Phone (Xperia Play) gets demoed on video

The device dubbed the 'Playstation Phone' and now more aptly named Xperia Play has seen more than its fair share of leaks in the recent weeks, but we've finally been able to see it...

Which carriers will be picking up which new devices?

There have been a lot of cool new devices announced in the past week or so thanks to the wonder that is the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES!). Having all these devices out in...

New devices coming to the Sony Ericsson Xperia range at MWC in February, Xperia...

It's strange that Sony Ericsson would mention they have upcoming devices that they are preparing to announce at MWC in February, right before CES happens in just over 12 days. Perhaps they are wanting...

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