Electric car sales in Australia are taking off and each year there are more affordable models available to buy new direct from the manufacturer or dealer.

Still at the current lowest price of about $45000 driveaway, electric cars are still out of the budget range for many Australians.

That’s where the Good Car Company comes in. They’re Australia’s largest importer of second-hand electric vehicles (EVs) putting electric vehicles within financial reach of regular Australian families, and engaging at the community level to deliver impactful decarbonisation of transport through EV bulk buys.

Today they’ve announced that they’ve won $11 million in new funding ($10 million from Boundless and $1 million from Cameron Adams & Lisa Miller) that will enable them to import 10 times as many used electric cars each year, from several hundred now to several thousand next year onwards.

Boundless Eytan Lenko CEO said:

“At Boundless, our investments, initiatives, and partnerships are laser-focused on ensuring Australia becomes a renewable energy superpower by 2030.

With transport accounting for 18% of Australia’s emissions, we knew our first priority had to be bridging the growing gap between demand for EVs among Australians and the supply available within an attainable price point.

Cameron Adams, co-founder of Canva and Lisa Miller ex-canva mentor and environmental change-agent commented:

“It was incredibly exciting to meet a trio of entrepreneurs tackling climate change and electrification in our own backyard, and we have been enthusiastic supporters ever since.

The Good Car Company’s commitment towards action and changing the current state of play one car at a time is exactly what Australia needs right now.”

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I’d love to see them import the Honda E

Paul Warner

Sorry anyone who wants my personal details before I can see what cars they have is not getting any business from me.