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Music on Android Wear
The latest update for Android Wear is the biggest one since the release of the platform. The update brings GPS support – for those watches with GPS – as well as offline music playback and Bluetooth headset support. But how do you actually get your music onto your watch? Let’s go through it, but first you have to make sure you have everything you need.


  • Android Wear Watch running latest 4.4W.2 update
  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Latest Google Play Music update

Downloading music to the watch

Note: It’s probably a good time to remind you that your Android Wear watch only has 4GB of storage and some of that is taken up by the OS, as well as apps you have installed. Don’t try to push your entire Google Play Music catalogue to your watch.
  1. First you’ll need to pin the music you want to have on your watch to your phone, so make sure your music is downloaded. To do this, go to the song or album and hit the download icon.
  2. Pin

  3. Once your music is pinned to your phone, go to settings and tick ‘Download to Android Wear’
  4. Download to Andoid Wear

  5. Your music should then start downloading to your watch. Be warned this can take a while due to Bluetooth data transfer speed.
  6. Music Downloading

  7. You’ll see a notification on your watch when the music transfer has completed.
  8. Offline Music Ready

Bluetooth Headset

Ok, you have tunes on your watch, how do you listen to them? Well, there’s no headphone jack, but now you have the latest update, you can pair a bluetooth headset to your phone.

  1. Tap the clock, then scroll down to and enter ‘Settings’.
  2. Tap on ‘Bluetooth Devices’.
  3. Bluetooth Devices

  4. The watch will automatically scan for Bluetooth devices and will show devices available for pairing. Tap your headset and wait for it to say ‘ Connected’.
  5. Paired Headset

  6. You’re connected

Playing Music

You’ve got music on your watch, your headset is connected. The next step is to load the Google Play Music Android Wear app.

  • Tap the clock
  • Scroll down to ‘Start’
  • Select Play Music.
  • Play Music

  • You get a card on your watch with an option to Play, tap that music starts.
  • Music Card

From the main music card, you can :

  • Swipe to the left and you’ll see your music controls – Skip Forward/Back and Volume Up/Down
  • Music Controls

  • Swipe left and select ‘More Music’ then swipe up or down to scroll through available artists and music on your watch
  • More Music

That’s about it – it’s quite simple and fairly intuitive to do, it just takes a while due to transfer speeds of Bluetooth.

Daniel Tyson  

Daniel Tyson

Daniel is a former editor of Ausdroid, and left in February 2019.


  1. Avatar

    Not sure why you wouldn’t just use the music stored on your phone instead of the watch considering that you would be carry both?

    • Daniel Tyson

      The point is for runners or cyclists mostly. Leave your phone at home so you don’t have to use those ridiculous arm bands. Music on the watch, not on the phone, GPS on the watch (when Android Wear watches like the Sony Smartwatch 3 are released) tracking your run. All of that = no need for a phone.

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