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With Chromecast launching today in Australia, it’s hard to believe that these devices have been available in the US for almost a year. Fortunately,  some of us at Ausdroid have had Chromecasts for just about as long, and we’ve watched them grow from a niche device to something quite cool.

One of the first things we wanted to get working, which was a huge selling point for the Chomecast overseas, as access to Netflix. As many of you would know, getting access to Netflix in Australia isn’t too difficult, but getting it onto a Chromecast is a little bit more tricky.

To get Netflix working on Chromecast in Australia, you really only need three things, and we’ll tell you how to get them working:

  1. A way to access Netflix account from Australia, using different DNS servers,
  2. A Netflix account, and
  3. To trick your Chromecast into accessing those DNS servers, and thus being able to access Netflix.

Bear in mind, Netflix isn’t accessible in Australia by default, and circumventing geo-restrictions might be a bit unwise. So, as with all our guides like this, your mileage may vary.

The good news is the Chromecasts on sale in Australia do work with Netflix if you follow this workaround.

The easy bit

A way to access Netflix in Australia is easy. There’s two great options, Getflix (which is an Australian service) and Unblock-US (which we initially used):

  • Getflix costs $2.95 per month, after a 14 day trial.
  • Unblock-US costs about $5 per month, after a 7 day trial.

Follow the instructions to set up your router with the DNS settings from Getflix or Unblock-US (whichever one you choose). This bit is key. Make sure it’s your router you configure, and not your PC, otherwise you won’t be watching Netflix via Chromecast.

Once you’ve set this up, and confirmed your DNS is working with Getflix / Unblock-US’ servers (you do this via the service’s homepage), you can then visit Netflix and sign up for an account. Use whatever email address and credit card info you like, and just use a made up US address to get past the address validation. If you get stuck, try the instructions here.

So far, you’ve spent nothing.

The harder bit

To get your Chromecast to access Netflix is a bit trickier. The problem with the Chromecast is that it has and (Google’s own DNS servers) hardwired in as its DNS servers. You need to get the Chromecast to skip these, and use your router as its DNS server, which — if you’ve set it up as described above — will allow it to access Netflix.

Not all home routers can achieve this trick, however. Whether, and how, you do this will depend entirely on the brand of router you have, and how capable you are in modifying a few settings. They’re not difficult, but it might not be something for your mum or dad to try without your help.

What you need to do is log into your router’s admin interface, usually at (or something similar). Your routers instructions will tell you how to get in here.

The easiest way to stop the Chromecast from accessing Google’s DNS servers is to add a static route to an invalid destination, basically meaning that any queries sent to Google’s DNS servers from your network will be dropped, and so the Chromecast will have to try something else.

For example, on a D-Link router, after signing in, go to the Advanced Tab (on the top), then Routing Setup (on the side menu). Add static routes as follows:

  • Destination:
  • Subnet mask:
  • Gateway: (or whatever your router IP address is)

Repeat as above for the destination

This will cause the Chromecast to give up trying Google’s DNS servers, and to fall-back to your router’s own built-in DNS which, having followed the earlier instructions, will redirect to Unlblock-US.


If you’ve successfully followed these instructions, and your router is being compliant, you’ll be able to visit Unblock-US from your computer, and see three green status bars, meaning that your router is working properly. Then, fire up the Netflix app on your Android device (which you can download here), plug in the account details you created above, and you should be able to cast your Netflix stream over to your TV.

Of course, Ausdroid doesn’t recommend doing any of this. Geo-blocking exists for a reason (probably to line the pockets of the company behind the service), and circumventing it might not be wise. You’ve been warned.

We’ve received a number of requests from owners of routers who support DD-WRT on their routers. If you have such a router, you should find this helpful :

  • ​Open a browser and go to the address of the router (Usually: and login.
  • ​Go to Setup > Basic Setup > Network Setup > Network Address Server Settings (DHCP).
  • ​Set Primary and Secondary DNS to and and click Apply.
  • ​Go to Services > Services > Services Management > DNSMasq > Additional DNSMasq Options and enter the following : strict-order
  • ​Click ‘Apply Settings’.
  • ​Go to Administration > Commands enter :
    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination
    iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -d -j DNAT –to-destination
  • ​Click ‘Save Firewall’
  • ​Click ‘Save Startup’
Source: For further reading - Netflix Australia Now.

Jamie Saltmarsh  



  1. Avatar

    When I try to enter into the Static Address option Edimax Router comes up invalid IP address. Any ideas to fix would be welcome.

  2. Avatar

    Any idea how to do this on a Billion 7800N router? Settings seem different!

  3. Avatar

    Can I do this with a Telstra TG799vac router.

  4. Avatar

    That’s a good article Jamie. I personally prefer UnoTelly. It’s similar to Unblock US but they offer a DNS server close to physical location and I can achieve better performance.

  5. Avatar

    Hi Jamie, Im currently using Hola Chrome extension to access Netflix. My router is capable of setting up static routes so I should be able to setup my chromecast I think but I am a little confused about how to do this as Hola is slightly different to Unblockus – any ideas? Thanks

  6. Avatar

    I followed all the steps…still not working 🙁 I got a Dlink… any other suggestion? what interface should I use? Wan or Wan (Physical Port)? thanks!

  7. Avatar

    can i do this process if i have a wireless modem adsl? also how does changing dns settings affect my other internet use? thanks

    • Avatar

      Hi Megan, yes you can do it on a wireless modem/router. Changing the DNS settings does not affect your other internet use however not all modem/routers support the changes required. I still use Unblock-Us and stream Netflix but according to some reports Netflix may be cracking down on People bypassing geoblocking.

  8. Avatar

    Anyone had success on the telsta thomsom tg782t. I’ve had no luck

  9. Avatar

    Can I get this to work through a Telstra router?

  10. Avatar

    Thanks for the article, Jamie. I personally use the UnoTelly DNS option. It’s ideal for content streaming because unlike VPNs, there is no internet speed loss when using it.

  11. Avatar

    I use Hola a free VPN proxy on the google play store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.hola&hl=en follow the instructions so you can download the Netflix app then just cast up. Works for me without any Chromecast trickery.

    Oh and Hola is available as a free plug in to Google Chrome as well, so I generally just have my Mac Mini plugged into the TV and watch that way.

  12. Avatar

    So i’ve had Netflix up and running beautifully through Unblock Us on a D-LINK[DIR-655]for the past few months. I’ve been trying for ages to get it to cast through my australian chrome cast but I am having no luck at all. I have successfully changed my static routes and rebooted as above however when i click ‘cast’ i receive a message that ‘netflix isn’t available in this region yet’. Can anyone help me out?

    • Avatar

      Did you change your DNS settings on the dsl side of things to point to the unblockUS dns server or did you do that manually on your phone or PC ? The modem has to be changed from using the default ISP DNS server to the unblock one. The static routes blocks access to the Google DNS servers so then Chromecast defaults to the DNS server supplied by the DHCP server which gets it from the router unless you have a server. That DNS server comes from the DSL connection so override the ISP DNS server with the UnblockUS one and you are ok.

  13. Avatar

    Have had Netflix running flawlessly with my Macbook Air and Unblock Us the past few months.
    Trying to hook up with my CCast (to Samsung TV) now using a D-LINK[DIR-655] router. When I try to apply the new settings as advised above I receive an error message saying ‘Route gateway IP is not in interface subnet’. What does this mean? Can this be bypassed? Thanks a million for the great article.

  14. Avatar

    Can anyone provide instruction on how to do this on a Belkin router? I can change the DNS, but that doesn’t do the trick. I can’t find where to change the destination address. Also, I should probably add that I’m accessing Netflix via Private Internet Access, not GetFlix or UnblockUS. Does that make a difference?

  15. Avatar

    For technicolor modems. Go to cmd -> telnet username: admin , leave password blank, then you need to enter this 3 commands (gateway might be different):
    ip rtadd dst= gateway=
    ip rtadd dst= gateway=

  16. Avatar

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amazing.

  17. Avatar

    I just wanted to add, that this method worked extremely well for me using a Edimax cheap router, with a free VPN plus casting from an Ipad. Setting up the router based on this article then making sure both the chromecast and the Ipad accessed this router (I have my main Wireless router going direct, and the edimax using the VPN and setup as instructed above – I added LAN and WAN limits on the Google IPs as I was not sure which was necessary).

    Setup with US netflix account, downloaded from US store. (search how to set up US itunes account). The Chromecast took a few minutes and seemed to refresh the logo a couple of times, but connected fine. Interesting, trying to Chromecast netflix from my Mac and Chrome worked, BUT got no sound. Ipad netflix works like a dream. Jamie , THANKS for the post.

  18. Avatar

    I have been using PureVPN DNS Service for 3 years as well as Netflix. I also can access Netflix on my android tablets, android phones, iPad or any pc in the house. it is awesome.

  19. Avatar

    Has anyone manged this using a Netgear N300 DGN2200 router? I’ve managed to input the new primary and secondary DNS but get stuck after that…

  20. Avatar

    For anyone wanting to do the above with a Billion 7700NR2 modem/router, this is how I got it done:

    1) Login to your router
    2) Go to Advanced Setup > Routing > Static Route
    3) Click Add
    4) For Destination IP address/prefix length, enter “” (without the quotation marks)
    5) For Gateway IP Address enter “” (again without quotation marks)
    6) Leave the other boxes blank (or at their default value). Hit apply/save, and you’ll see a strange looking page
    7) Click on “Static Route” again on the left, and repeat the above steps but using “” for step 4.

    And you’re done! This is assuming you’ve already set up your router / computer / device to use Unblock-Us or whatever other service you normally use to access Netflix.

  21. Avatar

    Great article Jamie. The DNS option is better than using a VPN regarding content streaming because you can achieve direct connection with the media station ex. Netflix and avoid the “middle-man”. Personally, I am using UnoTelly which is similar to Unblock-us. Perhaps you should check UnoTelly as well if you haven’t done so.

  22. Avatar

    Anyone help with how to do this with TP-link router??

  23. Avatar

    Anyone help with how to do this with TP-link router??

    • Avatar

      I have got Netflix up and running using Getflix using a TP Link 8980 by adding the primary and secondary IP addresses to the router as described on the site. I have also set up the static addresses under the router settings. You will get an error unless you select the LAN option when setting up the static routes. Hope this helps.

  24. Avatar

    A far simpler way and free is to use Holo a Chome plugin. You still need a USA Netflicks account. But it just works (maybe it’s the Mac).

    • Daniel Tyson

      Tab casting or mirroring via your method is notoriously buggy – even Google admits it and is trying to fix it. This simplifies it for people who don’t want to pull out their laptop, or go to their desktop, or deal with what can be buggy tab casting at all.

      • Avatar

        It works OK for us. Although I understand the Android thing where you guys like to tinker.

        • Daniel Tyson

          It’s not just Android that has issues. It’s Tab mirroring as a whole. Tab Mirroring issues affect Mac, Windows and especially Linux (which isn’t an optimal) experience at all. Please keep Mac vs Windows wars out of the discussion or we can remove all threads.

          • Avatar

            Netflix is working OK on a HP USING windows7 through Chrome with holo and a 48″ Sony via HDMI – House of Cards is fantastic!

  25. Avatar

    Hi Jamie,

    A few unlucky people have telstra broadband with a cisco EP3925. I bought the chromecast from the states a while back and have been unable to get the Cisco and chromecast playing ball. I have even tried running the cisco in bridged mode which was just unsuccessful for all my network devices (Telstra helpdesk do not help).

    Anyway just wondering if you have any steps for that router.


  26. Avatar

    Thanks for the guide..i have a netgear and it has working perfectly.

  27. Avatar

    I was having problems after following the static option with a netgear wireless router. I set the correct statics, but Netflix was saying “couldn’t play this episode, try another episode”, or something similar. I just held the reset button on the back of my chromecast and then set it up again and voila it worked! Watching Netflix right now!

  28. Avatar

    Thanks so much, I have a Netgear router and this has worked perfectly after staring at the red Netflix screen all day I am now sitting back enjoying the League! Good Times!

  29. Avatar

    I tried this on my TP Link TD-W8980 without any luck. After entering the static route details I got this message: “Error code: 5108

    Gateway must be in the same subnet with interface IP address. Please input another one.”

    I guess this means my router isn’t compliant? I have Unblock US, Netflix, etc working fine on all my devices.

  30. Avatar

    Well, I’ve spent hours working on this today, but no luck.

    Using a Netgear N600. Successfully set up Getflix. Netflix is working on the computer. Chromecast is working on the TV (able to send Youtube successfully to Chromecast). Attached are my DNS settings and the two static routes that I’ve set up based on all the info I’ve read over the past zillion hours of trying to get this work.

    (I’m using OpenDNS. Decided to use Getflix DNS settings on the computer only, because I want to continue using OpenDNS for parental controls. Getflix is working fine…Netflix is working fine on the computer.)

    Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

    Please help!

    • Avatar

      Hi bibnib. I have the D6300 as well and am trying to get everthing to work together. From what I can see from your post the DNS settings are for OpenDNS not Getflix. My take from reading the column is that the DNS settings in the router need to be one the ones for Getflix or else it wont work. One post I read said that you can only have one DNS setting at a time. I have tried to change the DNS settings on the router to Getflix but they won’t take. I think I read somewhere that Netgear will only accept certain DNS settings. If this is the case I think I will return it. After changing the router settings for OpenDNS I can’t get an internet connection on the computer if I change the computer DNS settings to Getflix. Frustrating to say the least.

  31. Avatar

    Used the instructions in this article and it was working great for a couple of days then stopped all of a sudden. Is everyone else having any issues?

    I connect to the Chromecast via the Netflix app (have tried on phone, iPad and computer). This part works. Then I try to play something and I get to about 25% before it stops playing and throws an error stating this title can’t play at the moment. I’ve tried multiple shows/episodes and still no luck 🙁

    Service: Unblock US
    Modem: Netgear CG3100 (Telstra)
    Router: Airport Extreme

    I’ve set the Static Routes on the Netgear and updated the DNS on the Airport Extreme. The Airport Extreme sets the DHCP and all my devices are connected to this. DNS is working fine when I use the Netflix app on my actual devices. I think it’s the Static Routes that aren’t working properly, but I can’t work out why they stopped.

    Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  32. Avatar

    Cheers for this i’ve had a chromecast for ages and been wanting to watch netflix on it, just did this and it’s working sweet.

  33. Avatar

    Is there any advantage to buying Chromecast when on holidays in the USA as opposed to buying the Australian version? Do you still have to reconfigure the settings on both devices in order to access Netflix?

    • Avatar

      They’re the same device, so no, not really any advantage..

      • Avatar

        Hi Chris, is it definitely exactly the same device as the US?

        The reason I ask is that when within the US you just sign up for Netflix, plug Chromecast into your TV and away you go. There is no need to trick the dongle by re-configuring your router.

        But here in Australia, even using a USA DNS address (like unblock-us), you have to further trick the Chromecast dongle.

  34. Avatar
    Russell Moverley

    Is there a benefit to using unblock US over something like vypr

  35. Avatar

    STUCK! DNS setting work fine, have changed the Routing table settings on my telstra issued Netgear cg3100d-2 netflix works fine on all my other devices, but when I go to cast it to the chrome cast…. failure…. any ideas? im using getflix btw.

  36. Avatar

    So I got getflix working flawlessly with my router, able to access netflix and hulu from any device connected to the network. Setup my static routing though and it still wont work, just gets stuck on the spinning netflix wheel. Anybody know what I could be missing? Using a belkin router.

    • Avatar

      What DNS Service are you using? If its Unblock-us check to make sure you have three green lights on their website. Otherwise the Staic route settings may be incorrect.

  37. Avatar

    Forgive if this has already been addressed, is it at all possible to set this up anyway without having all my web traffic going through unblock-us?

    • Avatar

      Hi Stepreo
      You can just use the DNS settings provided by Unblock-Us on each device and not on your router but then the chromecast probably won’t stream netflix as I believe it connects through the router.

    • Avatar

      Unblock US isn’t a VPN and your Web traffic isn’t going through them. It’s just a dns service.. Only very little of your traffic (Netflix setting up) actually routes through their servers.

  38. Avatar

    Wanted to say thank you for posting this – best guide I’ve seen and helped enormously. Had tries previously when first signed up to DNS but without the DNS routing it obv didn’t work.

    Wanted to share specific instructions for an iinet BobLite for those (like me) that struggled finding these settings.

    Log in by going to in you address bar.

    Go to DNS settings and untick the “let my ISP manage my DNS setings” and set your DNS addresses according to the Unblock-US site (or whatever service you’re using). Then save these settings.

    Then go to advanced/applications and in the first editable boxes type in: then hit save

    then in the new box that appears above these numbers type: then hit save

    then in the new box that appears above these numbers type: then hit save

    then in the new box that appears above these numbers type: then hit save
    And then save and exit and it should work!

    • Avatar

      Good on you Chumley. It was an Ausdroid Team effort from Chris and myself to put this together. Thanks for sharing your Bob lite guide.

    • Avatar

      Awesome! Thank you so much! Been driving myself batty for three days trying to figure out how to make it work, and your instructions got it done in less than 3mins! LOL

    • Avatar

      Just want to say you’re a legend! thanks!

  39. Avatar

    I’m using Hola unblocker Chrome extension to get Netflix, changed the static routes, but still can’t get it streaming :/

    • Avatar

      Hi Michaela, you may have to sign up for Unblockus or Getflix for it to work.
      They have both have free trials.
      Let us know how you go.

  40. Avatar

    Using Getflix and my Telstra supplied Netgear EV2000 worked a treat. By by vpn service!

  41. Avatar

    Using Getflix and my Bigpond Netgear EV2000 worked a treat!

  42. Avatar

    Thanks for the guide up and running 5 minutes later
    with Netflix.I added these settings to my Netgear D6300 ☺

  43. Avatar

    So hang on you guys have tested the AUS Chromecast? I remember reading an article that stated Google only hard coded US Chromecasts and that the ones sold in Europe didn’t have that. So I’m curious as to whether these settings will apply to ones sold here?

    • Avatar

      Australian Chromecasts seem to have the DNS hard-coded as well. We’ve tested an Aussie model and (on ours, at least) the DNS hack was needed to get Netflix working.

  44. Avatar

    One potential negative of changing your router’s DNS services is that risk losing access to unmetered content. For example, with iiNet I get iTunes, XBox and iView unmetered. If I change the DNS settings these all count towards my quota.

    GetFlix is my DNS of choice. Much cheaper and has worked really well for me.

    • Avatar

      So in that case, I’d assume that on the clients where you need to run these “umetered apps”, just manually point the DNS to your ISP’s servers.

      When you need netflix, point to Getflix.

  45. Avatar

    For those of you using the default Thompson router issued to you by Telstra, the gui for the router is at by default.

  46. Avatar

    Has anyone tried the VLC Chrome Ext, and then just casting from your Chrome browser to your tv? If it works then why bother with all this other guff.

  47. Avatar

    Getflix is cheaper and local. Use a US based post code when you create your account. Good old 90210 works. If you don’t use a US postcode it will reject you.
    There are key bits of information missing in this story but you will get there if you think about it and do some research.

  48. Avatar

    I tried doing this the other day but Netflix repeatedly blocked my credit card. I tried three different ones and none worked. I get the feeling Netflix is cracking down on foreign subscriptions.

    • Avatar

      Make a US paypal account with the above instructions and pay with paypal instead.

      • Avatar

        I’ll give it a whirl.

        • Avatar

          did it work for you with a US Paypal account?
          I bought a load&go card with $30 towards it and tried with that card to sign up for netflix but it doesn’t work, tried to connect the load&go card to paypal with success but subscribing to netflix doesn’t work, i get the error that the paypal subscription was cancelled on my netflix page…. FRUSTRATING since I had netflix before in Europe without issues (btw European Visa Credit card and my commbank card also don’t work!)

          • Avatar

            Interesting you should ask. No, it didn’t work with PayPal. However, I got in touch with unblockus and they offered me a different solution. It’s a touch more expensive but it worked.

            Unblockus suggested I set their service to the UK, sign up to Netflix with a UK account (Netflix UK accepted my Australian PayPal account), then once you have an active Netflix account you can set unblockus back to the United States. This will give you full access to US Netflix content.

            The downside is a UK Netflix account is about three bucks more a month than a US account. I’m still looking for a way to get a cheaper deal, but for now this works. I’ve been watching US Netflix content on my Chromecast and it works perfectly. Good luck!

          • Avatar

            ill give that a shot, don’t mind paying a bit extra as long as I can get it to work

          • Avatar

            Hi guys, just signed up to getflix and now trying to configure my bob2 modem. I followed the guide posted by Chumly but getting DNS failed message. My settings are attached. What am I doing wrong?

          • Avatar

            THX! I got it to work this way, ok it’s a bit more expensive but at least it works… had to go through paypal and shift my european paypal to an australian one but finally we are there. Funny fact is that back in Europe there were no issues and now I can’t even get on that netflix account anymore here in OZ

          • Avatar

            Glad it worked for you. 🙂

      • Avatar

        I can’t actually see the bit on creating a US Paypal account…

    • Avatar

      It’s not netflix, it’s VISA and Mastercard who got the tip to block foreign subscription to netflix (and probably other media services geolocked) basically they put the site in an insecure blacklist which automatically rejects the transaction.
      The good news is that is usually reversible, you can call your bank, explain the problem, and agree to take the responsibility to approve the transaction.
      The bad news is that you need to do that monthly

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