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One of the best things about the recent update to Android Wear 5.1.1 was the ability to no longer be tethered to your phone, with the watch being able to connect directly to a WiFi connection rather than using the bluetooth of the phone. At first, the LG G Watch R was not getting WiFi, but after many complaints it was a maybe, and after even more it was a yes, in the third quarter of this year. Well, for those who are impatient you do not have to wait that long. An enterprising developer by the name of Tasssadar has found a way to hack the wifi capabilities into the system of the LG G Watch R.

The process, if you are running an entirely stock G Watch R to begin with, to insert the WiFi capabilities are fairly extensive and may be complicated for some. As such be warned, only experienced users should consider this and we here at Ausdroid will not be held responsible for any bricked watches.

This will only work if your LG G Watch R has been updated to the latest version of Android Wear 5.1.1, build number LDZ22D. You will need to obtain root access on your watch. Luckily there is very little trickery involved and it is the same process as rooting a Nexus device. I have noted all the steps below, including those to enable the WiFi.

  • Go into the settings on your watch
  • Open “About”
  • Tap on “Build Number” seven times upon which the device will tell you that you are now a developer
  • Swipe out of “About” and scroll down to “Developer Options”
  • Scroll down and select “ADB debugging” and enable it
  • From here you need to use ADB commands from your pc to your watch. Place the G Watch R on it’s charging cradle and connect it to your pc
  • Accept the computers fingerprint to allow ADB access to your watch from the pc
  • From here, being an experienced user I will assume you have ADB and fastboot setup and enabled in your computer’s system $PATH(a toolkit could also be used but I warn against this as toolkits do not help you recover from a soft brick. Take the time to learn so you can diagnosis bricks and fix it yourself)
  • Open a command window and type in the command:
    adb reboot bootloader
  • Once it has booted into the bootloader you need to unlock the bootloader
  • Type in the command
    fastboot oem unlock
  • Using the arrow, scroll across using the arrow and accept the unlock warning using the circle
  • Type in
    fastboot reboot
  • Let the watch boot up entirely and go through the usual sync process to your phone
  • Follow the steps you first did above to enable developer options and ADB debugging
  • Now you need to push to your watch the SuperSU zip file you downloaded from Chainfire’s website and the flashable zip file to enable the wifi settings:
    adb push path/to/supersu.zip /sdcard/
    adb push path/to/wifi.zip /sdcard/
  • Once again you need to boot into the bootloader so type in adb reboot bootloader
  • From the bootloader you need to flash a custom recovery to your phone:
    fastboot flash recovery path/to/TWRPrecovery.img
  • The wifi settings requires a custom kernel by intersectRaven so flash that here using fastboot:
    fastboot flash boot name_of_intersectsboot.img
  • Scroll to recovery in the bootloader using the arrows at the bottom
  • Select recovery using the circle

cmd (1)

  • Once it has booted into recovery select the install zips icon
  • Navigate to the SuperSU.zip file first and select that
  • Then select Add more zips and select the wifi zip file you pushed over earlier
  • Swipe to flash both zip files
  • Upon completing reboot system and allow the watch to boot up
  • Once it has booted, open settings, connect to your wifi and enjoy wifi connection from your LG G Watch R


Source: XDA Developers.

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  1. Avatar

    Thank you, It works fine with me.

  2. Avatar

    they are selling this for $99 in US @AT&T stores 🙁

  3. Avatar

    I assume this will break the OTA process preventing the watch from receiving the official WiFi update when it’s eventually released.

    • Avatar

      Yes it will. But if you can flash this then you will have no problem fastbooting over the system image from the official update

      • Avatar

        Do the Wear OTAs contain full images or just patches?

        • Avatar

          Not sure about watches but I do know that the 5.1.1 update for g watch r was available on xda in full and the system image etc could be flashed across.

          From what I read, if you wanted to receive the ota all you would have to do would be to fastboot over that stock recovery then it would be able to flash the ota as required.

  4. Avatar

    I’m assuming the original LG G Watch development has been abandoned? It’s on 5.1.1 but I doubt it will receive all the ‘cool’ features.

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