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If you’re like me and prefer to protect the screen on your Android device then you will no doubt be aware of the types of screen protectors. Until this time last year all I was aware of was the cheap plastic ones from eBay (around $1) and the self healing variety that apparently are used on the blades of military helicopters that are an absolute nightmare to install (using soapy water). Then while surfing through Google+ I noticed some well known Android users who were using a glass screen protector. I then purchased my first glass screen protector for my Nexus 5 for around $45 and have not looked back.

Glass screen protectors, if a decent variety, feel exactly the same as having no protection at all. The touch screen sensitivity does not appear to be hindered and most of all, the display is protected from scratches and smashing in many cases where the protector will break instead of the display.


Once I ordered my OnePlus One the first thing I did was hit Aliexpress and order a Godosmith glass screen protector for a much more reasonable price than the Nexus 5 one was. At the time the protector was only around $13. My most recent purchase was an even cheaper version for now my wife’s Nexus 5. That’s all well and good I hear you say but they look so hard to install. It’s not like a cheap eBay one where you can just throw it out without thinking about it.

Here’s my thought on that. I feel is is actually easier to install a glass screen protector dust- and lint-free, in the correct position than any other screen protector on the market. With the glass being solid you can easily position it over the correct position as required. I decided to film myself installing a Godosmith glass screen protector on a friend’s OnePlus One and show everyone just how easy it is. Unfortunately my tripod is broken and I used my own OnePlus One to film it so I have to apologise for the quality of the video but here it is:

If it’s too long for you to watch, here’s the tl;dr version:

  1. Steam up your bath room by running the shower on hot for a few minutes.
  2. Allow the steam to settle, taking any and all dust particles with it.
  3. Slowly and carefully enter the room with your phone, glass screen protector and screen cleaner.
  4. Remove the cheap protector you already have one there.
  5. Clean the screen extensively with LCD screen cleaner removing all sticky residue, dirt, dust and fingerprints.
  6. Closely examine the Glass screen protector and check how it fits and installs.
  7. Clean screen again with microfibre cloth.
  8. Hold glass screen protector by the sides a couple of inches above the display of your phone, in the same orientation that it will be when installed. Be careful when holding the screen protector because until it is installed it is very fragile and easily broken.
  9. Wipe away any dust or lint again.
  10. Remove the protective layer from the underside of the glass screen protector while continuing to hold it with that side facing down. Do not turn it over as that increases the chance of dust/lint sticking to the sticky side of the protector.
  11. Give the display one more quick wipe with the microfibre cloth to remove any last dust or lint. Check the display closely from all angles to be sure.
  12. With both hands on the device slowly lower it into position, carefully placing it with the correct holes etc in the correct positions. If you place it wrongly apparently you can carefully lift it up and replace it correctly but I’ve never had to do that.
  13. Press firmly in the centre of the display once you are happy with the position. You will then notice the protector adhering to the display, slowly spreading our to the periphery of the display.
  14. Use your fingers and thumbs to ensure the edges of the protector are fully sealed by pressing and kneading the edges. You may need to push firmly for a few seconds in each place to do this.
  15. Clean the screen now and you hopefully have a beautiful feeling, immaculate looking display.

Note: my only issue with the glass screen protectors is that sometimes they are relatively fragile around the edges- especially if you don’t get a curved edge one. Be careful when dropping your keys near your phone, if it hits right on the edge it might chip the edge but you have to be pretty unlucky for that to happen (although it did happen to me).


Now that you have seen how easy it is, are you thinking of trying it yourself? Have you already? How did you find it? Are there any steps you do that I may have missed out?

Scott Plowman   Editor


Scott is our modding guru - he has his finger on the pulse of all things ‘moddable’, pointing us towards all the cutting edge mods hacks that are available. When he’s not gymming it up, or scanning the heck out of Nexus devices, you'll find him on the Ausdroid Podcast.

Outside of Ausdroid, Scott's a health care professional and lecturer at a well known Victorian university.


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    Scott thanks for this. Second day with OnePlus one and loving the battery life. Will definitely invest in a glass screen protectorprotector now

  2. Avatar

    So, for a newbie are all glass covers created equal? If not are there some decent brands to look out for?

    • Avatar

      some have curved edges which are apparently more resistant to chipping. Some are thinner than others but tbh those i have i used seem pretty much the same.

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    My second glass protector just went on; I love the glass feel, but the first was too chipped on the edges (too many drops), but the surface was perfect, as is the phone underneath. The original one is free to be attacked, and so far have failed to scratch it with anything. I’ve only got it to break by stabbing it with a screwdriver, so I’m pretty impressed.

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    After getting a Spigen glass protector, not going back to plastic. Application is far more forgiving than plastic and it feels so much better, just like an actual phone screen, not like you’re touching a film.

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    I had one of these on my HTC M8 which I dropped onto tiles 2 weeks ago. Glass protector completley shattered, phone screen unscathed. Already have a replacement on order!

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