Telstra has had another outage, the third time this month alone, this time knocking out parts of its 3G and 4G network, with customers taking to social media to find out what is going on. At the time of writing, Telstra claims their network is recovering after faulty hardware was bypassed:

The outage appeared to predominantly affect major metro cities across Australia. The Telstra outage map – which shows user reports of outage across Australia – has more than 10,000 incidences of outages across the country today:

A Telstra spokesperson confirmed said he was “aware of an issue affecting our mobile network” for both voice and data and have confirmed that the major telco is investigating the cause of the outage. This has also been reflected throughout the company’s social media pages with informing customers the telco is “working to fix an issue impacting some mobile services”.

Heading over to the the official Telstra outages pages, customers are met with the following:

Today’s outage is the third major embarrassment for Telstra in May alone; earlier this month, a cable cut saw residents of the eastern states variously unable to call through to the 000 Emergency hotline, which state and federal governments are now asking questions about.

A further issue on 1 May prevented Telstra customers across the country from being able to to make and receive voice calls for about three hours due to an outage on the National Broadband Network and 4G services.

Today, at least, Customers appear to be able to get calls through to emergency services meaning that the outage, though inconvenient, isn’t likely to put life at risk. However, Telstra’s customers – at least those taking to social media – are justifiably upset, calling on Telstra to provide either a free day data days as compensation for the outage whilst others are pushing for some form of financial compensation.

We will keep keeping an eye out for any developments regarding the outage for Telstra customers and if you know more, please let us know here.

Source: Telstra Outages.
Via: SMH.
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Gregory Opera

All these outages at Telstra… Nice to see that the premium price some of you are paying is worth it.

On a side note, the sensible thing to do is to have two cell phones or a dual-SIM cell phone (though if you’re going to do that, try to get dual-SIM “active” and not dual-SIM “standby”), using completely separate networks…

Harry Pearce

The Telstra CEO and senior executive team have proven their gross incompetence and they should all be sacked!


Quality services seem to become more of a rare thing these days . Take the electricity grid , drive around Melbourne now and there are power poles pointing in all directions other than straight up due to the linesmen making the cables too short , And as soon as the cables shrinks in length because of the chilly weather they are leaning like the leaning tower of ?. I can only assume this is due to a lack of training . Coming to my point , back in the old days services where not about money and share holders ,… Read more »


I bet you subscribe to the notion that life was better in the olden days and that people don’t have the same values as they did in the Victorian era.


Nothing is perfect mate , and times could be tough in the old days , but i can tell you a lot of things where most definitely better in the old days.


Makes me chuckle every-time I hear that saying, we all need a Victor Meldrew character in our lives 🙂


The reality is, no network is infallible. I have a two sim card phone so I can switch if needed.

Dan L

“Today, at least, Customers appear to be able to get calls through to emergency services meaning that the outage, though inconvenient, isn’t likely to put life at risk.” – Actually, no. Since the introduction of NBN, most of the monitored medical alarm systems have transitioned onto the Telstra mobile / Telstra M2M network. Today’s outage actually stopped those devices from working. If a user (e.g. an elderly person) needed help during the outage and pressed his/her pendant, the call will not go to the monitoring centre. Most of these devices also have no provision for calling 000 as well. It… Read more »