Do the leaks ever stop? This time it is Huawei’s turn with the Mate 20 showing up in protective case product shots revealing the rear camera setup up close and personal.

On the images we can see a massive gap on the rear of the case to allow access to the fingerprint sensor and the cameras an unimpeded view of the world. The rest of the phone is as expected, buttons along a single side only — volume rocker and power button. The headphone jack port can be seen at the top of the phone with the bottom of the phone revealing the USB-C port and the single speaker.

The Huawei Mate 20 will be launching on October 16 in London with their new Kirin 980 processor on board. Expect Huawei to bring a lot of software innovations to the table including a wireless desktop mode and a camera that will surpass all that has come before it. Of course the Mate 20 will have the fingerprint sensor on the rear while the Pro version will have an in-display fingerprint sensor.

We will be on the ground in London bringing the event to you live as well as all the local release information as soon as we can. Anyone interested in smartphone with a best-in-class camera?

Source: ITHome.
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Scott not with the current OS and unclear picture of OS updates. Approximately $1400 for the pro seems like a lot of risk given Huawei’s track record on the above.


@FestivusOz, Huawei have been pushing updates every month for the last 4 or 5 months to my Mate 9 Pro (running Oreo). Far better than they used to be.


Same experience here, Huawei is matching the galaxy s9 here security patches. Software updates and minor patches have also been excellent on the p20 pro.