Rumours of foldable phones always get people talking, even though the examples we’ve seen thus far have been pretty well rubbish. However, with a big brand like Samsung working on it, you can rest assured they’re unlikely to release a lemon, and reports today indicate Google’s on board helping Samsung with the project.

Bloomberg reports that Samsung is running headfirst into the foldable phone challenge, hoping to define a niche market and then grow it over time. The report also speaks of two candidates for release:

Samsung is debating between two prototypes in the final stretch: one longer horizontally and the other vertically when unfolded, while both open from side and side. The landscape model has fallen out of favor recently with designers who see the portrait type as easier to hold with one hand even though its display may feel narrower when opened.

The more interesting part, for me, is that Google is actively involved in the development of a special version of Android to launch with the foldable phone. This makes some sense, as foldable phones present unique user interface challenges and opportunities, and stock Android doesn’t feel like it would meet those needs without changes.

With Samsung’s developer conference next month in San Francisco, we could see this foldable concept phone very quickly.

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Dr Fjeld

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A foldable phone is going to have a gap along the hinge. It’ll be like another notch. Probably Google’s software support is required to format for a squarish screen (like two 16:9 screens side by side), and to avoid objects appearing in the hinge gap.